iNTLCT Shares a "Therapeutic" and Honest Single

From Montgomery, Alabama, the up-and-coming hip-hop artist and rapper iNTLCT shines a light on the struggles of independent artists through his latest single, "Therapeutic."

Sharing his past experiences, soul, and knowledge through his hard-hitting bars, iNTLCT is an avid creator who never shies away from the truth. Through his intricate wordplay and metaphors, iNTLCT touches on topics like systemic oppression, trap mentality, and self-knowledge while leaving listeners with boundless inspiration.

Through his latest in-depth single, "Therapeutic," listeners can catch iNTLCT in his prime as he delivers his meaningful bars alongside fiery production. Anyone is bound to relate to iNTLCT's words and bars in this track, as he describes the grueling scenes of making it in our cut-throat industry all by himself.

Listening to "Therapeutic," the journey begins with a vibrant and cinematic violin accompanied by bright key melodies and iNTLCT's fierce vocal delivery. While iNTLCT begins setting the song's hard-hitting and inspirational tone, he later brings listeners deeper into his personal story through bars that expand on the struggles and goals he holds deep within.

What we love about this track is how the production remains fairly minimal and steady, perfectly leaving iNTLCT's performance to bask in the spotlight as he touches on how rapping kept him sane and steered him away from the crooked system that sets souls up to fail. Reaching the end of this hard-hitting track, iNTLCT reminds us of how precious our goals are and to never shy away from achieving them, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Find a piece of yourself in iNTLCT's latest truth-telling single, "Therapeutic," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We want to thank you for creating such an honest and truthful single like "Therapeutic." When did you begin feeling inspired to create a single that touches on the struggles of an independent artist?

Being a writer first, my lyrics are usually what’s genuinely on my mind at the time of thought. At the time, I was going through personal matters and realized what I was working towards was actually elevating me to my next step. Of course, there’s discomfort with reaching new levels, and I felt music opened my mind to new ways of thinking because art is unique to its individual respected crafts. That’s also why I wanted to for sure give myself producer credits. One because I’m proud of my work, and for two, to show listeners that there are no limitations once you put your mind to something, regardless of distractions and hardships.

When writing your in-depth bars for "Therapeutic," what was the main message you wanted to convey to your audience? How did you want them to react to or perceive this single?

The main message of ‘ Therapeutic ‘ was expressing that regardless of what’s in front of us, every obstacle is only in place to make us stronger. I wanted people to understand that there’s no such thing as failure, only gained experience and life lessons. As long as your vision is focused on your goal, and though it may get clouded at times, remind yourself that the journey is what it takes to reach your destination.

Did you create the production yourself for "Therapeutic?" Do you feel that the striking and cinematic production enhances the message of this single?

My man's Austin Flicks did a beyond-stellar job on the visual. I gave him the concept, and everything else was his after that. Any credit towards, or questions in the direction of can go to him. I always tell him that he’s the goat.

Could you expand more on your artistic brand and platform? What do you aim to shine a light on through your songs, and how does your music reflect who you are and what you stand for?

Music for me is therapeutic. I felt it was the perfect title to describe how and why I do music. I’m usually a quiet, to myself kind of guy, so my thoughts are usually kept in. Expressing how I feel about what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen, and my mentality, that’s what music is all about, freedom of thought I guess. I always aim to enlighten with my music as well, always trying to portray a message, like literally painting pictures in my rhymes. Art is multi-faceted, and simple at the same time as complex. I’m just trying to use the tools gained to help others who seek a similar quest or need the motivation to go on their own.