Into The A.M. is Unapologetically Himself With, “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry”

Known for his talent writing, rapping, producing, mixing, and mastering melodic rap, Into The A.M. does not hesitate to experiment with new sounds in order to bring his fans a refreshing sonic experience with each release.

The background melody is first introduced with a classy atmosphere created by a spirited piano melody. “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry” quickly transitions into an animated soundtrack as the piano melody is soon replaced by an electronic organ sound, giving the traditional R&B song a unique and memorable edge. The organ production is logically layered, by Into The A.M. himself, within a laid-back trap beat that radiates flavors of R&B and soul.

With the ultimate goal of doing what he likes without thinking about why he is doing it, Into The A.M. has an inspirational message to share with his fans. The young artist uses “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry” as a platform to convey the importance of living life for yourself. With each dynamic verse, Into The A.M. elaborates on how people in his life seem to expect him to act and feel a certain way. The phrase “people get too sad and chase my clouds away,” Into The A.M. brings attention to how the discomfort that stems from others’ perceptions can sometimes influence how people live their lives. With the inspirational verse “What’s the shame? That’s my lane,” Into The A.M. gives the listener the motivation to do what they want.

With your main goal to live for yourself without worrying about the opinions of others, can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics with “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry?”

Sure thing, "Some People Change, But I Don't... Sorry" was written with those who vibe with the low frequencies, in terms of being up late at night, or just love being alone. In verse one I say, "This my zone, This my spot, This the only thing I got, When nobody was around me, The problems kept me on top" All to say that I truly do appreciate my problems and downfalls because at a certain point you just gotta learn to love yourself. The following lyrics go on to explain how I'm truly more comfortable in a dark room by myself than a full room with people I should know. In the 2nd verse I wanted to apologize for all those who deal with me, I explain how I wish I could be more like everyone else, but honestly, I just vibe better alone.

What was your main inspiration when writing the song “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry?”

I wanted to write a song that explained my mood most of the time, I used to hear "your music sounds sad" all the time. And honest it got to me at some point and I wanted to write a song for those out there like me who are always, "sad".

Are there any specific artists that have inspired you over the years? How do these artists influence your music style?

A few of the artists who have made the biggest impact on my sound have been, RUSS, Eminem, Blackbear, Post Malone, Chase Atlantic, Jon Bellion, and a whole lot more! A lot of these artists are involved heavily in the creation of music, they spend hours making their beats and curating their sound. Since I've always loved being involved in every aspect these artists showed me I just had to keep working and improving. Beyond that, it's their style, and love for what they do that truly is the greatest motivator for me. When it comes to my sound, they all play a role from the delays I choose to the flow or melodies I come up with.

As an artist who produces, mixes, and masters his own music, you have complete control over the entire creative process. Could you describe what it was like to make every decision during the creative process of “Some People Change, But I Don’t… Sorry?”

Some people change was a really fun experience because I made the song in 4 days and spent countless hours afterward trying new things. The beat was actually the easiest part because I knew that I needed something more low-key, I wanted to place emphasis on the lyrics and chorus more than a crazy dope drum pattern or a complex background melody. I actually free-styled the chorus after the beat and the melody just popped out to me, I kept humming them until I finished the lyrics and flew from there. The mixing is where I think the vast majority of my sound comes into play, I love effects and vocal manipulation, so it's easy to say this is where the majority of the time went. Being the only person who works on my music is awesome because I get to make every choice involved, the problem is I have to make every choice involved. Meaning I sometimes don't know if a track truly "slaps" I can only assume until I start showing others, it comes with its fallbacks but I 100% would recommend it to every artist. Control of your process and flow is everything when it comes to sustainability and long-term growth.

What has been your personal favorite release this year?

My favorite release this year SO FAR is Some People Change. However, I dont think ill be able to say that by December.