Intriguing Us With His Musical Elements, E Coop Shines Bright in His Latest Single

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, E Coop is a Hip-hop artist who began working on his craft after college. Looking to be a master at life, his mentor Osho has played a huge role in the way that E Coop is living out his dreams.

His latest single, “Bhagwanmansamusa X,” intrigues us with enticing Trap instrumentation that hypnotically reigns you in. E Coop begins his verse by introducing himself to his audience and digging into the inimitable swagger that he possesses.

There’s a sense of anonymity that surfaces in the production techniques utilized, and we can’t help but be transported to the atmospheric realm of E Coop’s styling. “Bhagwanmansamusa X,” provides us with a slow-paced bop that trickles into our minds only provoking thoughts as the song progresses in its nature. Through the intricately crafted verses, and brilliant use of space, the words that E Coop performs etch themselves into your mind as you ponder over the impact of what you just took in.

Executing his artistic virtuoso in a way that is both playful, and cognizant, it’s safe to say that E Coop has established a lane that specifically embodies the unique flairs of his gift. Leaving us fully absorbed in the musicality pulsating through the speakers, we’re eager to immerse ourselves in more melodies from the emerging artist’s music catalog. E Coop is destined to reach the top as long he keeps serving us what he does best.

Welcome to BuzzMusic E Coop, and congratulations on the release of “Bhagwanmansamusa X.” With such a unique title given to this song, could you please walk us through the concept behind its name?

The name Bhagwanmansamusa stands for the Higher Self. When I’m my higher self I’m Bhagwanmansamusa. The name, Bhagwan, comes from my master Osho, it means God. The Name Mansamusa comes from a rich African Ruler and that’s how I see myself, rich with wisdom. The X comes from the movie Project X. It stands for the ongoing celebration of becoming my higher self, Bhagwanmansamusa.

How do you apply what Osho has taught you while completely solidifying your place in a lane of your own?

Osho taught me the basics of meditation & the gifts that come with self-realization. After being under Osho & meditating on his words I started an online church, where I express myself and lead my cult-like following. We all self-confident in our movement.

In your own words, what does “Bhagwanmansamusa X,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this record?

Bhagwanmansamusa X means being 5 stars and being your authentic self. I want the audience to know you can never go wrong with being your true self.

How does “Bhagwanmansamusa X,” compare to the 2019 release of ‘Hellfire’? How have you grown as an artist in this time?

Hellfire was based on me being really gritty & doing whatever to get what I want. Bhagwanmansamusa X is me evolving and trusting life to bring me what I need. Being 5 stars is attracting what you need most in life.

What's next for you?

I’m working on expanding my church and our movement through social media & word of mouth. You can take a look for yourself on Instagram @bhagwanmansamusa. That’s where I preach 24/7 and also on Snapchat @e.coop96. Hopefully one day our message will reach the world.