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Introduce Yourself to Jiggy Bars and His Debut EP, 'Upper Echelon'

Hailing from Chi-town, the veteran rapper, songwriter, and hip-hop artist Jiggy Bars lock us into the upbeat and contemporary groove of his latest 3-track EP, 'Upper Echelon.'

While beginning his musical career in college after reconnecting with his brother A.T.O. in early 2015, Jiggy Bars' music quickly gained immense traction and recognition. With help from Chicago's top blogs and radio stations, Jiggy Bars' music has made its way across the city without an end in sight. Recently releasing his debut EP, 'Upper Echelon,' Jiggy Bars is excited to showcase his vast talents while leaving listeners bopping their heads to his savory beats.

Diving headfirst into the EP, we're met with the introductory track, "Get Blessed." As we begin listening to the single, Jiggy Bars bless our speakers with shimmering keys and low synths. As Jiggy Bars later makes his broad vocal appearance, we can't help but hear similarities to the irresistible stylings of Lil Uzi Vert. Accompanied by the blistering and heavy-hitting trap drums, Jiggy Bars continues his dynamic performance while transitioning from fierce bars to a warm serenade. We adore the versatility of this track, as it genuinely showcases Jiggy Bars and his captivating talents from beginning to end.

Leaping into the EP's second track, "Work," we're met with staccato and bright keys that bring us into a hard-hitting hip-hop space. As the vibrant drums begin punching through our speakers, Jiggy Bars make his powerful vocal appearance and encourages us to get into the grind and work our way to success. Not to mention the mesmerizing and groovy production, this track is genuinely the perfect way to introduce us to Jiggy Bars and his many ways. Once again, Jiggy Bars offers many transitions from his heavy bars into a warm singing voice that leaves us in awe. We love the tenacity and relentlessness of this track, as it has us feeling inspired to tackle life's trials and tribulations.

Reaching the last track of the EP with "Level Up (feat. Prince Crowe)," the song opens with a haunting synth arrangement accompanied by tight hi-hats that later drift into a heavy-hitting trap feel. As Jiggy Bars remind us to level up and get that bag, he hits us over the head with his mesmerizing performance, truly holding vocal similarities to Lil Uzi Vert. With a scorching hot sonic arrangement, we're left grooving away to the song's ominous and dark tones. Not to mention the powerful and heated feature from rapper Prince Crowe; he sinks us into the depths of power with his ferocious and delicious vocal delivery, perfectly closing the song off with vast energy, grit, and passion.

Experience the heart and ferociousness of Jiggy Bars' debut 3-track EP, 'Upper Echelon,' on all digital streaming platforms.

We can't get enough of the power and energy you've delivered within your 3-track EP, 'Upper Echelon.' When did you begin creating tracks and ideas for this project?

It was a pretty long creation process I began recording tracks in the summer. Really once the pandemic began that's when I really took advantage & was in the studio 3 times a week. I have over 40+ songs in the catalog now and I really developed my sound working with my team of producers.

Why did you choose these three tracks to make up your EP, 'Upper Echelon?' How do the songs on the project correlate and relate to each other?

These 3 songs all gave me the same feeling even though they were different. The level of production, vibes, and lyricism made me want to put the three together. All three songs have a common theme of working to get to the point I am at today. Get blessed I speak on being at a crossroads in my life where I had to make a decision on if the music was going to be 100% the route I’m taking w my life. And if so I would have to take it to the next level. Work is an anthem for anyone who feels like they’re applying pressure. I feel like I’m really at a stage in my career where I’m in my own lane & I'm creating separation because of my work ethic. Level up is a statement to show the music world how JiggyBars is coming.

Did you work with any producers when crafting the upbeat sonics for 'Upper Echelon?' What was the project's sonic creative process like?

This project was exclusively produced by Blasè with da heat out of Atlanta. We spent most of the time having beat making session over FaceTime. Blasè also produced most of my guys to this day.

What did you want your audience to take away from the three tracks within 'Upper Echelon?' How did you want them to feel after listening to the project?

I want people to be motivated. This is a very upbeat project so I expect people to be listening to this project when it’s go time. Whether you're an athlete, artist, or 9-5 worker. I want Upper Echelon to help motivate people to get to it whatever their hustle may be.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My goal is to enhance the lives of everyday people. To help give people confidence and provide top quality music & art.

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