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Introduce Yourself to Lost Tourists' Debut Hit, "Break Thru (Demo)"

The Montreal-based versatile rock band and trio Lost Tourists highlight the need for freedom and release with their groovy debut single, "Break Thru (Demo)."

Comprised of Saro Hartounian, Kevork Boyadjian, and Noah Cohen-Wanis, Lost Tourists began their venture jamming out in an underground rehearsal space, where they felt instant creative chemistry. Now creating fluid-rock music that borders the sounds of funk, jazz, blues, post-punk, and hard-rock, Lost Tourists are building a unique path for themselves while formulating the music they would want to hear.

Recently releasing their groovy debut single, "Break Thru (Demo)," Lost Tourists bring us deep into a dynamic atmosphere through their nostalgic tones and intoxicating melodies. As Saro Hartounian's low and magnetic vocals leave listeners charmed and swooned, Kevork Boyadjian's bright guitar riffs and Noah Cohen-Wanis' punchy drums amplify the song's texture and vibrance.

Hitting play on the single, "Break Thru (Demo)," the track begins with Kevork Boyadjian's bright and beaming electric guitar melodies that swiftly drop into Saro Hartounian's RHCP-like bassline and Noah Cohen-Wanis' steady mid-tempo drum breaks. While the instrumentals set the song's groovy and dancy tone, Saro Hartounian touches on the need to be freed from inner turmoil through his low and charming vocal portrayal.

Through Lost Tourists' lyricism complemented by their intricate and textured instrumentals, the song truly makes for a unique and irresistible listening experience. We adore the dynamic range within this scorching groove, as Lost Tourists come together to paint the utmost relatable images while leaving us tapping our feet to each and every beat.

Don't miss out on Lost Tourists' debut single, "Break Thru (Demo)," and introduce yourself to the rocking trio on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lost Tourists, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Break Thru." When did your group begin creating this single? How long was the single in the making?

Thank you, we’re very excited! I came up with the main bassline on March 18th, 2020. So, more than a year ago! I know the exact date because I had posted a clip of it on Instagram. I came back to the idea a little while later and presented a draft recording of it with bass, guitar, and drums to the guys. This was back in September. Finally, I wrote the lyrics in December and we started recording the demo in February. Overall, the entire process took around half a year, and “Break Thru” is very much a “quarantine jam!”

What inspired your lyrical theme and concept within "Break Thru?" Did your group write the lyrics collectively, or did one member tackle the songwriting?

The lyrics speak about our daily struggles with anxiety and the need to get out of our own heads. For most of us, these feelings were amplified during the lockdown. I wanted to manifest positivity and let people know that they’re not alone in their struggles. I took on the songwriting duties for this one and feel that the serious subject matter pairs up pretty well with the upbeat tempo. This tune truly does represent hope!

What sort of feel and vibe were you going for when creating the groovy instrumentals for "BreakThru?" Did any of your artistic influences further inspire the song's instrumentals?

I wanted the song to have a funky and catchy feel. You know, something that people could move to in their cars in the summertime. To give people a small break from groovin’ so hard during the verses, I wanted the chorus to have a dreamy/jazzy vibe where the bass is toned down but still remains very melodic. This is where I introduced some flanged jazzy guitar chords and a phased-out stereo organ on top. My artistic influences really came through during the final chorus and outro. The keys during the last chorus were heavily inspired by Nick Rhodes’s performance on a live version of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”. And the “glide-y” Moog section in the outro was inspired by the immortal Bernie Worrell of Parliament-Funkadelic fame.

Seeing as "Break Thru" is your band's first release, could you expand on what listeners should expect from you moving forward? What do you promise to serve listeners with each release?

Moving forward, our listeners can expect melodic songs that pack a punch and that’s a “Lost Tourists Promise”. Saro and I love experimenting with different synth sounds and textures. We will continue to experiment and implement these sounds into our tunes. We’re looking to release one more demo before we start recording our first EP over the summer. Noah, Saro, and I are very excited for what’s ahead and we can’t wait to hit the Montreal stages and share these songs with you all in a live setting!

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