Introduce Yourself to Thou Romeo's Debut Single and Music Video, "Mother of Pearl"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and solo artist Thou Romeo releases his debut single and accompanying music video, a modern take on the Roxy Music classic, "Mother of Pearl."

Known for combining the likes of T.Rex, Cockney Rebel, and New York Dolls with modern synthpop, Thou Romeo's dynamic sound brings listeners into a thrilling and stimulating sonic venture. Also carrying a similar passion and energy as Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy, it goes without saying that Thou Romeo will hit your local club's speakers sooner than later.

Elaborating on his debut single and music video, "Mother of Pearl," Thou Romeo puts a modern synthpop spin on the classic Roxy Music staple. Alongside an electric and avant-garde music video, Thou Romeo and his accompanying dancers send any viewer into a colorful and transcendent realm that's equally as groovy as it is stimulating.

Peaking at the music video for Thou's Romeo's take on "Mother of Pearl," the visuals opens with a celestial void that slowly closes on Thou Romeo's closeup. While soaked in teal accessories, wigs, and clothing from top to bottom, the scene quickly transitions onto a female counterpart with similar paint and accessories, fluidly moving her body to the groovy sonic foreground.

As the video moves into various similar yet visually stimulating scenes, Thou Romeo and the accompanying dancers take us through rather nostalgic shots with their 80s inspired jumpsuits and Romeo's perfectly messy shag. While the video explodes with iridescent colors and stars, the visuals come to a close with a teal-painted woman among the colorful star-painted sky.