Introducing Adrian Javon With His New Single "My Way"

Hey there Adrian Javon! We're excited to be showcasing your latest track "My Way" here on BuzzMusic! Can you describe the emotional significance of the track, and how you were able to draw inspiration for the particular lyricism?

The significance of My Way is pretty deep, to say the least. I wrote the song while I was sleeping in my car. I was going through a transitional point in my life, and instead of doing something I might've regretted. I put the beat on in my car and wrote it until it was finished. The inspiration came from being temporarily homeless.

Your vocalism is dynamic and effortlessly smooth, which allows your sound to glide across our ears with ease. Did this aspect of your vocals come naturally to you, or did you find that you had to craft it over the years?

I'm a smooth and chill individual and never really enjoy the extra antics. I like to sing in an easy flowing state that is easy on the ears for my listeners. I used to sing as a kid but I stopped because I was getting made fun of because I liked to sing lol... so I had to revisit it as an adult, now I can't stop. Still learning though!

We definitely feel an impactful essence to "My Way". Was it difficult for you to pour your raw emotions into the track, or do you find it easy to communicate such honesty to listeners?

I'd say it was definitely easy for me to poor my emotions into this track. I think its more freeing when I'm being vulnerable with my lyrics and true to who I am. Honesty is always impactful to me.

We see that you're heavily affiliated with cinematography and photography! Do you believe these two additional skill sets on top of songwriting/recording will be pivotal to the creative story-telling asking of your music? 

Cinematography & Photography play a big part in my artistry. I started off in junior high/high school and it was the only way I knew how to express myself at the time. Now that I do music as well its a lot more fun to create my own visuals that compliment my music. I'm always doing shoots, short films, and creating new work for other artists.

It was great to feature here on BuzzMusic Adrian! Listen "My Way" here and connect with Adrian Javon on Instagram!