Introducing Billy, an Exciting, New and Upcoming Talent on the Rise From Brandon, Mississippi

Welcome to BuzzMusic Billy! Can you tell us what helped you cater to your southern twang and energy in your music?

I used certain situations I was going through at that time and reflected the pain it caused, into my music. I’d say I rap like the rappers I listen too. being from the south, I have a country type accent I guess.

In what ways do you combine the influences from the Chicago drill scene with your southern roots?

I mixed my own personal style with that culture because of its influence on me. for example.. a melodic type sound because of Sosa and with energy, almost mad like young pappy.. them and LA was literally all I was listing too. Of course, imma sound like em’.

We loved your single “2”. We noticed a change in the arrangement that added an exciting element to the song. Can you describe the transitions in this song and how you were able to execute it smoothly?

“2” was the first song I made. We spent a long time learning the program. I was tryna sound right and Austin was playing with the mixing and mastering stuff. With no help. That’s just how it came out. Austin and I made ”2” in my garage like a year ago.

What was the main message behind the creative metaphors in “2”? How would you describe your songwriting approach?

I don’t really have a message but I could say Instagram is why I made it initially. I would see people wearing fake diamonds already acting as they made it. I don’t like fake personas. The whole time that’s not what they do so I'm with them. I really had no approach. Aside from trying to keep everything balanced, I just wanted it to sound smooth and to make sense. I didn’t expect too much considering it was my first song.

What’s the impact you hope to leave on hip-hop? How do you manage to differentiate yourself from other artists in a competitive industry?

I hope real people enjoy my music, that’s all. We gotta wait to see where I’m at in a few years but imma keep working though. I do what sounds good to me. That’s all I can do.

What can we expect to see next from you Billy?

Next for me. I’ll be featured on Sauce Walka’s Mixtape: “Who Got Next” on Datpiff and Spinrilla. I also have a Mixtape coming out soon called “Billy Ain’t For Nun” Hosted By Dj Shon. That’ll be my debut tape but it’s a lot more music on the way.

Listen to Billy here.