Introducing Indie/Rock Band Mahogany Purple & Their New Track: "I Want"!

Currently based in Miami, FL, Indie/Rock band Mahogany Purple is creating a sound that beautifully integrates a variety of sounds, from a variety of musicians. A band that includes six members, Mahogany Purple blends together a diverse set of instruments, that when combined, create an alluring and charming presence. With one unified sound, stemming from an array of inspiration, Mahogany Purple sets out to cultivate a distinct climate for listeners.


The cool and calming effects of Mahogany Purple's latest song "I Want" are freeing. "I Want" has a prominent vocal appearance that oscillates throughout the track. The musical production is an entity that completely stands out in this particular track, due to the various instrumental contributions, creating a variety of sounds that tend to be unfamiliar to most Indie/Rock songs. However, this unfamiliarity in terms of the usual production stylings is what makes "I Want" memorable and distinct from other tracks. Mahogany Purple brings in sounds from various locations, and blends them all together in a way that is both mesmerizing and overall excitable! "I Want" varies from the other tracks present on "Late to the Party", where most tracks on the record incorporate a more fast-paced execution, while "I Want" is more laid-back and in-tune with a relaxing atmosphere. It is easily distinguished that "I Want" has numerous contributions from all six band members, manifesting a harmony that is atypical, yet perfectly fitting for this Mahogany Purple track! 

We urge Indie/Rock fans to give Mahogany Purple's "I Want" a listen to here! Keep scrolling for our interview with the band!

Hey there Mahogany Purple! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We listened to "Late to the Party" and loved the range of sounds we heard all throughout! How long did it take the band to manifest this album, and was the recording process more difficult this time around, considering your geographical locations? 

Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for the warm welcome! "Late to the Party" was a creative process that took us around 4 months to complete. The recording was done before everyone had moved to their respective locations, however, the production was still being tweaked after one of our members had left to Oregon. Due to having an absent member, the production process involved sending various mp3 files back and forth to make sure there was a mutual agreement on the sound we wanted. All in all, we found the process to be more challenging but the end result was worth it in our opinion. We definitely felt that "I Want" off of "Late to the Party" was one of the more mellow, and laid-back tracks. What was the general atmosphere the band wanted to create with this particular track?

When making "I Want", we wanted to take a more modern and serious approach to our songwriting. Creating a laid-back song was not our original intention, we simply wanted the song to groove. The mellow atmosphere was an end result. Does the band always incorporate a prominent message behind each curated track? What was the takeaway from "I Want"?

Yes, we do! Writing music is a creative outlet for us. Our vocalist makes the lyrics to our songs, which often mirror what's going on in his life. We strive to have a message behind every song. "I Want" is intended to show the push and pull within the psyche of an individual wanting a relationship with another, but never being sure if it's reciprocated. This not only applies to romantic relationships, but to relationships as a whole. “I Want” acknowledges that desires are part of a person's inner nature - whether or not one should act on that inner nature is never an easy question to answer.  You've mentioned before that your views and inspirations vary, yet it attributes even more to the creation of the bands' music. What type of clashes has the band faced before that rather than being a setback, actually aided in the curation process?

We don't clash very often when it comes to the creation of our music. There is a natural process of trial and error that comes with making our music, however, we try to stay as open-minded as possible.

It's been a pleasure to feature "I Want" here on BuzzMusic! Now that "Late to the Party" is released, what is the next move for Mahogany Purple as a whole?

Thank you again for having us! Our next step is to create more content for our listeners. From new music videos to merchandise lines, we want to expand the Mahogany Purple brand far and wide. We will continue to grow and innovate our music as we strive to reimagine the new sound of indie-rock.