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Introducing Mic Rocca And His New Single, "No 1 Like Me"

Mic Rocca, a rapper, and producer born and raised in Los Angeles, California, started creating music at a young age as that was the only outlet he had to speak about his feelings and experiences. Mic went on a short hiatus but then returned in 2020 just as the worldwide lockdown struck. Some of his most notable work so far would be projects like “Live From Cali 2” and “The Rocca Cycle” Take 1,2 and 3.

In his recent single "No 1 Like Me," he speaks on his uniqueness separated from the rest. He mentions how he doesn't need much from his other half but love and trust, he knows how hard it is to trust and that when it's earned he would give it his all just to show how much he cares. Mic also tells us all about things he despises and things he absolutely loves, something we can all relate to. As we dive in further and listen to the rest of "No 1 Like Me," Mic mentions how he never stopped pushing at his dreams and goals, even when things got hard, he kept moving forward no matter what people has to say.

Mic gives us some great bars with a self-made instrumental that will have you bobbing your head and stomping your feet. Mic expresses throughout the record that he's cleaning up his mental by getting all of his feelings out onto a beat. He says it's his therapeutic release when he speaks about how he is feeling on a track. He raps about his westside lifestyle, smoking "the best from the west," where he resides.

Mic Rocca spits his way through the record with passion and precision. The combination of his cadence and production shows us why there's "No 1 Like Him."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mic Rocca. We are thrilled to feature your latest single, "No 1 Like Me." Was there anything specific that inspired this record, and what was the creative process behind it?

Honestly, it was the state of hip hop that inspired me to make this record. So many rappers out there, from the most successful to the independent artists like myself on the come up, none of them are like me, on or off the microphone.

What inspired you to create the instrumental for "No 1 Like Me," and how long did it take for you to complete it?

I usually start my sessions off with a sort of a free mind, willing to go in any direction. Whenever I wanna go hip hop, I start digging for samples. This particular sample stood out to me the most. Added a drum kit, and everything came together perfectly. I usually go into writing the lyrics immediately after I create the beat, but this time I already had the lyrics are written down from like a few days before, even the hook.

Do you have any advice for independent artists wanting to create music?

Be patient with your craft. Hip hop loves a quick dope rhyme, for example, freestyle. It's also good to have a curated piece of work that you can be proud of and can sustain. So many people put music out, and they have a bunch of cash to promote it. We independent artists have to rely on the quality of the art to promote our music for us. The best advice I can give is to be dope.

What did you want the listener to take away from "No 1 Like Me?"

"No 1 Like Me" should let the listeners know I am honorable enough to at least mention in the hip hop talk, especially coming from the West coast. This is my best-mixed song, personally, but you would have to listen to all my music to hear that.

What's next for you?

Next, I'm going to release some more singles and videos. Hopefully, I can build up enough momentum to drop an album this summer.

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