Introducing SLØNE – a Trendy and Contemporary Pop Trio

Hailing from Miami, Florida, SLØNE is a contemporary pop trio that met in 2011 at the Florida Music Festival. Members John Tomasso, Eric Stewart, and Ricki Denim had performed with their own bands but taken a liking to each others’ music. Years later, after connecting through Instagram, their new band SLØNE emerged. The beauty of this group comes from their diverse past experiences. Each member of the trio is able to bring their unique music style and talents to the table.

The trio has agreed that although the music industry is built around ego, they have learned to set aside their egos to leave room for their main priority – the music. SLØNE can make their listeners feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time. With a trendy and vintage vibe, they focus on traditional instrumentals and catchy melodies to hook their listeners. SLØNE also shows their true colors when it comes to songwriting. You can always count on the trio to use their own life experiences as inspiration for eye-opening lyricism.