Introducing the World to Her Melismatic Sound, Prinssella Debuts "I'm Learning"

Hailing from La Ville Rose, in the South of France, Prinssella was born into a musically inclined family.

She began singing at the tender age of 3 years old and then developed her craft by writing her own music by 7. Prinssella is a soulful and versatile bilingual vocalist who comes from a deep gospel background. Pursuing her dreams of becoming an R&B singer, she has worked with the likes of The Voice UK’s Emmanuel Smith as a backing singer and is currently working on a collaboration with Victizzlemusic as they record all of her upcoming projects at the VixMix Studios.

Familiarizing her audience with the debut single “I’m Learning,” Prinssella has enlisted the songwriting techniques of A1 in order to fulfill the lyrical integrity featured in this alluring record. The intricate soundscape sets a slow-tempo pulse as the whimsical elements throb through the speakers. Major piano chords add a dark essence to the illuminating realm of harmonious bliss that thrives in the temptation that resides in “I’m Learning.”

There’s something about the sensual timbres Prinssella exudes that have us caving to her world of intimacy. She effortlessly owns the enticing lyrics and has us anticipating each word in the intricately written narrative that radiates the theme of getting to know someone inside and out. Cascading the musicality with the rush of sensations that come flowing from the structural build of “I’m Learning,” Prinssella has us relishing in the intimate tenors showcased as she addresses them in a prevalent manner. It’s hard not to be swept up by the oozing charisma that seamlessly integrates Prinssella with the shadowy R&B hues.

Being her entrancing introduction to the music industry, the matured sound she possesses unravels in-depth with the development. Good things take time, and that stands especially true for this emerging artist who has been dedicating her life to music since she can remember.

We have to say, we have had your debut single “I’m Learning,” on repeat. What was it like working with A1 in order to capture such an intimate soundscape in the overall composition of this song?

Omg, thank you!! I’m so glad you love the song as much as I do! Working with A1 is always such a pleasure. We’ve known each other since secondary school and, from the day he found out I could sing, he expressed his creative lyrical side, which I had no idea about, and once we started working together for ‘I’m Learning’, it was just so easy because of how relatable the lyrics are, overall such a great experience, and we’ve got so much more on the way, so make sure to keep following my journey.

Being involved in music for as long as you have been, what prompted you to take the plunge and finally release a debut song of your own?

I just felt it was time.. a very long time coming. I’ve always wanted to create something that will last beyond my years, like a legacy. It has been a dream and a goal of mine to finally have a song of my own, and I’ve finally achieved that. I knew it was the right time to do so, especially after linking up with A1 and the rest of my team, it was like the stars were aligned, and perfect timing to my recent personal growth.

As the one performing “I’m Learning,” what does this song mean to you? Do you find that it has kept the same meaning from the moment you began the recording process to this moment now?

I love this question because the meaning of the song definitely has changed from the first time I heard it. To me, the song is about the serious side of romantic relationships, when the “rose-colored” glasses are taken off. We all come with a past and that can sometimes manifest in our relationships, but the song is about always having your partner’s back and learn more about what makes them who they are, and shutting down outside influences.

With such rich vocals and a striking sound, who are your musical influences as you continue to create your own intoxicating melodies?

Ahhh you’re too kind, I love this description. Growing up, I listened to a lot of reggae music because of my dad, vibing to songs from artists such as Lucky Dube, Peter Tosh, and of course the legendary Bob Marley. But I really found my voice in music when I started listening to the likes of, Cece & Bebe Winans, Mary Mary, a lot of French rap (lol), and Mariah Carey. Now that I’ve found myself in R&B my biggest influences at the moment are, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Nao, Snoh Aalegra, and I love Drake. But Summer and has really been an influence, because of how real and raw her sound and lyrics are, she’s just so needed right now, and really embodies what a lot of young women are going through, and she does it beautifully and unapologetically.