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IRYS Runs "Circles" In Our Mind With Her Latest Single

With her music, Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer IRYS creates strong imagery through a dark and distinct sound that poses to be authentically appealing to her fan base. Honing in a future-retro resonance that thrives as a catchy combination of electro-pop and darkwave, IRYS manages to bring an exciting contrast to energetic electronic sounds, while her compositions and lyrics astonish with their finesse.

Fresh off the release of her fourth studio single, IRYS captivates listeners through the ebb and flow of “Circles.” What sends us into a frenzy over this record is the immediate gravitational pull that IRYS sends surging through the amplified grit we hear charging through the speakers.

Carrying forth an ominous hue of anticipation and cavernous likability, the layered elements that amalgamate to cast out a textured universe of ambiguity has us swept into the grasp of IRYS in a willing fashion. Once her vocals grace the composition in a buttery depth that has you exploring her dark tenacity, it’s up to the listener to carve out the song's deeper meaning before them.

Laying into the goth-like presence of the genre touched in “Circles,” the Pop factor is heavily weaved into the contemporary soundscape. As the main themes circle around ruminating thoughts, this is the exact notion that has our minds caught up in the interpretation that applies to our own lifestyles. IRYS has us feasting upon her impeccable relatability as her astonishing harmonies cascade through the electric energy that flows effortlessly in “Circles.”

Leaving us wanting more from the up-and-coming starlet, it’s near impossible to shake this tune from being embedded into your headspace.

Welcome to BuzzMusic IRYS, and congratulations on the release of your fourth single, "Circles." With a concept that appeals to an extended audience from different branches of life, what inspired the sonic creation of this masterpiece?

First of all, thank you! I guess "Circles" was just one of those songs that come about without me thinking much. I had just started producing, and at the time, I listened to Gesaffelstein a lot, plus I was surrounded by some people who produce more underground Techno. As a singer/songwriter who originally wrote only with a guitar and my voice, this definitely influenced my music-making. I always loved dark electronic sounds and the depth they create, but I'm also a fan of a good song structure and catchy hooks. So I combined both. "Circles" is a song about ruminating thoughts, and I tried to process this musically, something dark and repetitive that mirrors how it feels to have your brain under high pressure.

Being in charge of the production elements on top of the performing, and songwriting must be such a grand feat for yourself. Could you please take us into how this song originated, and what the creative process looked like when bringing it to life?

Yes, for me, it truly brings a lot of peace of mind to release music the way I want it, without asking anyone. But the fact that I produce myself was basically born out of necessity. I was a singer/songwriter who didn't enjoy what producers made of my music, and I eventually got tired of waiting for someone else to be able to release my songs. So I learned production myself, and in the process, my music became more electronic, whereas before, I had worked with live musicians. When I wrote "Circles", I started the song with a synth riff and developed it from there. The vocals were the last thing I added. It's a more instrumentally focused approach than how I usually write.

Comparing "Circles," to your previous three singles released, what would you say allows this one to remain different from the rest?

For me, it's the track that feels most goth and least pop so far. With its repetitiveness and length, it is also somewhere between an electronic track and a pop song. Also, I feel the synth riff is the main character here and not the vocals. I like the idea that every song has its own twists and is its own "being", with characteristics that make it, unlike the others.

With artists being their own biggest critics at times, how did you know that this song was ready to be released into the world?

To be honest, I think "Circles" isn't 100% ready! But I made up this rule for myself that I kick out a song when it's 90% done. The last 10% would maybe make the song perfect - if such a thing as perfection exists - but it would take unnecessarily long and probably end up in procrastination. For me, the indicator that a song is 90% done is when I feel I just enjoy listening to it without stumbling over something. But I guess a year from now, I will find quite some flaws in my work from 2021, especially when it comes to my mix and master. But that's totally ok, as it is a journey, and this is how I sound now.

What's next for you?

I've written so much music in the last years, so now that I'm able to produce it myself, there's a ton of songs coming up, and also new videos. I'm planning to do live shows soon too, but not before releasing more of my material! Then I want to record some sessions with stripped-down versions of some of my songs, probably just with an electric guitar. I'm super excited and motivated for the next months to see how my project will develop!


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