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Is Cali Rodi The “Girl Who Cried Love?”

Los Angeles-based punk-inspired popstar and singer-songwriter Cali Rodi is exploding the music scene with powerhouse hits like her new single, "Girl Who Cried Love."

Cali Rodi's thrilling stylings are ready to bring new and exciting energy to your playlist. She's inspired by the legendary sounds of early 2000s pop-punk, the angst of the Warped Tour scene, and rearview mirror-shaking 808s. Cali Rodi is redefining the pop genre with equally fresh and nostalgic sounds with each new tune.

The LA-based recording artist is stomping through the music scene with heavy-hitting tracks like her recent "Girl Who Cried Love."" The new single is the title track of Rodi's forthcoming debut EP, produced by Matt Malpass (Machine Gun Kelly, blink-182), Max Weinik (Loote), and legendary vocal producer Emily Wright (Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus).

Expanding on the hearty new single, "Girl Who Cried Love," we jump into a plucky and mysterious electric guitar melody that's later smacked with lively punk drum breaks and Cali Rodi's charismatic vocals. As she touches on relating to the girl who cried love, Rodi belts her heart out in this Paramore meets Taylor Swift manner that's truly exhilarating.

This is such a clever track; we love how Cali Rodi lets listeners relate to lyrics like "Oh no, here she goes again, we already know how the story ends." Perhaps your friend who falls for anything that moves might benefit from such a cathartic single like this. Cali Rodi leads us to the outro with incredible enthusiasm, closing the experience on a thrilling note.

Keep your energy at a high with help from Cali Rodi's explosive new single, "Girl Who Cried Love," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cali Rodi. What a listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "The Girl Who Cried Love." What inspired this specific and conceptual piece?

,"The Girl Who Cried Love” is a hopeless romantic anthem about a girl who says "I love you" so many times to the wrong people, that eventually" when she actually DOES fall in love, nobody believes her. It’s a modern spin on the story "It'sThe Boy Who Cried Wolf."

What was it like creating the intense instrumentals and exciting production for "The Girl Who Cried Love"? Did you work with the same producers on your upcoming debut EP?

Sonically, this is me diving head-first into a punk-inspired pop sound, and that sound is reflected on the whole EP. I've written over 30 songs for this project, and I'm still narrowing them down, but I feel so lucky to have worked with producer Max Weinik on "The Girl Who Cried Love." We were listening to a lot of Fall Out Boy when we made this, and I think that's pretty evident in the track. I've been working with a lot of amazing producers for my EP, including Matt Malpass (blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly), Joe Pepe (Iann Diorr), and Jakkyboi to name a few.

Did you find it easy to write such cathartic and storytelling lyrics for "The Girl Who Cried Love?" What was your experience writing the song?

This song is very autobiographical of my high school serial dating years (haha), so it was easy to tap into those feelings. I think every girl has been there-feeling so desperate for love that she'd do anything to see it happen, to feel that rush, even if it might mean losing a part of herself.

Did you want the listener to take anything away from "The Girl Who Cried Love?" What did you want to make them think and feel?

I want listeners to feel energized and empowered to think for themselves, to believe they can create their own fairytale ending in their way and in their own time.

What's next for you?

World tour. Backup dancers. PYRO. Well… until then, I guess I should put out my EP!

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