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Isaac Snow Uses His Voice for Good Within His Latest Single, "Why"

Hailing from London, the lyrically poetic Singer/Songwriter Isaac Snow touches on heavy subjects within his single and has listeners questioning, "Why."

Creating music that comes from an ever so meaningful place, Isaac Snow punctures our hearts and minds with his needed lyrical content within "Why." Inspired by Nigel Farage's horrific UKIP anti-migrant billboard, Isaac Snow felt compelled to use his voice and question the blunt hatred and racism to those seeking a safer living environment. Not to mention releasing an in-depth and heart-aching music video for "Why," where ordinary Brits brutally beat a minority, all while Isaac Snow finds him in strife and offers him a warm embrace on behalf of those trying to help.

"Why" peacefully begins with warm acoustic guitar picking and Isaac Snow's inviting vocal performance. He starts singing a saddening story of reflecting on his wrongs and questioning why circumstances have been shaped this way. While continuing to sing of being alone in this world where it's every man for himself, Isaac Snow touches down on the soothing and saddening hook where he repeatedly questions, "Why"? The supporting instrumentals gradually grow to deliver a down-tempo drum beat, soft and melodic background keys, and Isaac Snow's warm acoustic guitar.

Ending the song off with haunting melodies that induce inevitable reflection, Isaac Snow's single "Why" allows listeners to fully comprehend the trials and tribulations that migrants endure to find safety for themselves and their loved ones. All while enforcing that the least we can do is offer a helping hand.

Hello Isaac, welcome back to BuzzMusic, it's fantastic to have you with us again. You've genuinely tugged on each one of our heartstrings with your sincere single, "Why." Why did you want to create a song like this, that speaks on racial injustices towards migrants seeking safety?

Thank you so much - this has always been an issue that I have been passionate about, a cause I have been committed to through my work and it is so relevant at the moment across the world but especially in the UK. As a society, we like to pretend we aren't prejudiced, but we are just more polite about it and better at concealing it than other places. I mean look at now, we have a Home Secretary who is putting asylum seekers into military bases,  we've regressed not progressed as a society, and that makes me angry. I wanted this song to expose that, its meant to be a beautiful and introspective but at the same time its also supposed to be in your face and direct. 

Within your single "Why," you managed to keep the instrumentals incredibly soothing and quite melancholy. Could you tell us what your creative process was like when experimenting with melodies that fit the lyrical atmosphere?

I actually initially wrote this song as a raw acoustic track, just me and the guitar. It was delicate and melancholic. But I bought it for my producer Ali Bla Bla who saw that it could be bigger. He helped me turn it into a brooding and dark track which is what we needed. This message needs to have an intense vibe to it whilst retaining its lightness. 

Speaking on your music video for "Why," how did you come up with the incredibly real and raw scenes? Where did you find inspiration for the music video's concept?

I always knew I wanted to create a music video about this issue, because it's not really spoken about in the music industry, especially in pop music. The way to reach people is through music so I knew this was a way I could get this message heard. I am in no way the best person to tell this story, I am coming from a place of white privilege, but I can use that privilege to expose the fact that racism exists and to call it out as I see it. We spoke with the director and producer about the idea to create a video reflecting xenophobia in the UK towards asylum seekers and they helped us to refine it, and make sure that we cut to the core of the message in a sensitive way.

Do you usually release music that speaks on important and existing social issues? Was this your first time around releasing a song so in-depth and real?

Of course, all my music comes from a place of meaning. It is all based around issues I believe are important, not just racial injustice. My first song 'And the Rain Comes' was about depression and anxiety and trying to overcome that. The next release, Run Away (which was actually featured on BuzzMusic in the spotlight) was about finding your place in the world and battling loneliness. All of my music matters to me, I write songs that reflect the issues I care about. Otherwise, what's the point?

Did you go into 2020 with any specific goals? Did the changes around the world make you dial your goals differently? I've always created music as a side passion, in addition to my full-time job. It's been something I am lucky enough to be able to escape into the outside of my professional life. I wouldn't say I had any goals for 2020 relating to music, I just wanted to create and share my thoughts. Even if I only reach a few people, even if only 5 people relate, at least I've made an impact. At least I've done something.




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