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Isabella Chiarini Delves Into the Depths Of Her Heart With, “Every Single Tear”

In her last year of high school, the 18-year-old Isabella Chiarini is a fanatic for everything music. From intricate chords, simple melodies, and heart-wrenching lyrics, she has always been told that she is a bit too mature for my own good.

What shapes her as an artist is her day-to-day experiences along with the themes of love, loss, and being bullied. Isabella Chiarini feels that too many people are affected by other people’s non-acceptance and hurtful words. Using this as fuel for her artistic fire, we get to experience the vulnerable and whole offerings that Isabella Chiarini conveys through melodic expressions.

Her memorable pop sound filters through the speakers as we press play on her latest EP release titled, ‘Every Single Tear.’ Immediately introducing us to the vibrant and authentic concepts unraveled in this collection of songs, we’re magnetically pulled towards the first record showcased, “You & Me.” The buoyant energy that trickles into our ears has an electronic meets pop sound and takes a mainstream approach to the way the structure dips into that theme.

Singing about the loss of a significant other, we’re thrilled with the vulnerable hues that Isabella Chiarini unleashes throughout this piece. Bringing us closer to who she is and what she has gone through, all while projecting the intimate tenors present, there’s a sense of familiarity that “You & me” brings forth. Perhaps tugging on our heartstrings in a way that reflects our own relatability to the song, Isabella Chiarini is a vessel of emotion that propels us to our own introspection.

If “You & me” is a reflection of the rest of the EP, then listeners are in for a treat with this poetically structured journal entry in sonic form. As we press repeat on the dreamy soundscape that is “You & Me,” we usher all to listen to the heartrending essence of Isabella Chiarini.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Isabella Chiarini, and congratulations on your latest EP release! As you open up the project with “You & Me,” what statement do you want this song to make on the overall project concept?

Thank you. I released my EP in July and it was such an amazing experience, I am so grateful to everyone for showing it so much love. This song is the first single on the EP, it creates the storyline. This song is about a failed relationship that this young girl does not want to reignite, but she cannot stop thinking about.

We love the visuals in your music video. Why did you choose to go with animation for "You & Me?"

I was originally going to do a lyric video, but I quickly ditched that idea because I felt like it had been done many times before and I wanted to do something different. Around that time is when I started listening to Billie Eilish's music and took inspiration from her animated video for “my future” for my video.

What was your vision for the storyline of the music video?

My vision for the video was to keep it simple and follow the events of the song. I also took inspiration from Billie Eilish's music video, that's where the idea for the forest and water scenes came from. Furthermore, the other girl characters are all my friends, I wanted to include them because they have always been supportive of me both on and offline so it only seemed fitting to put them into a project of mine. Could you please share a glimpse into the themes and stories addressed on this EP?

The EP 'Every Single Tear' follows a storyline. I like all my music to have a running theme and tell stories about different events of not only my life but life in general so people will always have something to relate to. The first track “You & Me,” is about a failed relationship that someone does not want to reignite, but cannot stop thinking about. That's the theme of the song, and the theme I wanted to portray in the animated video.

The next song “Every Single Tear” is about finally letting go of the relationship and it displays all the emotions that come along with that. Near the end of the song, the person discovers there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The third track “Another Love Song” is about how the person no longer feels like they need someone else, and the last thing they want is someone else to hurt them again. The last song “Look into the Mirror (Remix)” is about finding and loving yourself again. In summary, I would describe the EP as the stages of a breakup.

How long did it take for you to get these stories into sonic form? What is the most difficult part of the process?

The EP was definitely years in the making, however, I would not say difficult. I wrote “Another Love Song” and “Look into the Mirror” about 2-3 years before I even thought about releasing an EP, and when I finally finished “You & Me” and “Every Single Tear”, the pieces just fell into place and the story aligned. I felt the whole process happened very organically and wasn’t forced. That's when I find my best work comes, when something feels forced I find it less genuine, that's what I love about the EP. I think my latest work has held the most meaning to me and felt like the most genuine thing I have ever made. With talking about such mature subject matter, is there ever a part of you that wishes you weren’t exposed to these hardships so early on?

I think that everybody goes through hardships in their lives that they wish never happened, but the reality is that's life. I find a lot of my musical inspiration comes from the bad times in my life. I would not give up any experiences that happened to me in my life, whether they be bad or good because they have shaped me into the person I am today and I think they’ve shaped me into a relatable figure people can come to. I love being a shoulder to cry on, and I don’t think I would be able to give the advice I am able to give without those times. That's ultimately what I think my songs are, advice-givers, shoulders to cry on, or even uplifting anthems.


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