Isabella Chiarini Says Don’t Let the Door Hit You on “The Way Out”

We're constantly fascinated with the Hamilton-based singer-songwriter and resilient pop recording artist Isabella Chiarini, and her latest single, "The Way Out," is no exception.

At the mere age of 18, the senior high school student is quickly climbing up the music industry's ladder. You'll be surprised by Isabella Chiarini's maturity in each song, but her anthemic pop prowess stems from influences like Selena Gomez, Adele, and Sia.

Isabella Chiarini is a powerful anti-bullying advocate and strives to make an impact with each release. Her newest single, "The Way Out," is an anthemic and bold breakup tune that reminds listeners of their worth.

While Chiarini belts her shimmering vocals alongside the groovy pop instrumentals, she makes it clear that no one should put up with half-ass love.

Taking a deeper listen to "The Way Out," the tune brightly opens with vibrant electric guitar picking and soothing synths. As the warm pop beat begins pumping through our speakers, Isabella Chiarini's vocals meet our ears and serenade us with confidence and poise.

She makes it clear that she's sick and tired of not being loved the way she deserves but explains so in the most empowering and playful way.

While inviting someone to not let the door hit them on "The Way Out," Isabella Chiarini continues grooving through the song and lets us know that love is a two-way street. This song is truly a treat for the ears, and we couldn't have asked for a better artist to spread such a necessary message.

Say goodbye to shitty exes and understand your worth with help from Isabella Chiarini's latest single, "The Way Out," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Isabella Chiarini. We truly appreciate the conceptual lyrics and necessary message in your new single, "The Way Out." What was your source of inspiration behind this bold breakup tune?

Happy to be working with you guys again! My source of inspiration was making a song that makes people feel empowered after a breakup instead of sad. A feeling of finally realizing you don’t need another person and you are glad they are gone.

Why did you choose to approach "The Way Out" with more of a playful and confident songwriting process? Why did you want to create the opposite of a melancholy and emotional breakup song?

I decided to write a non-traditional breakup song because I think we hear a lot of breakup songs portrayed in a sad way and breakups don’t always have to be sad. I wanted to show people it was okay to be alone, and I wanted to create something fun for the summer. Something people can roll the windows down too and jam.

Did you look to any musical influences when creating the sound and vibe for "The Way Out?" Did you have any artists or projects in mind?

When writing this song, I took my inspiration from The Weekend and Dua Lipa. The 70s vibe was something I really tried to capture in the background vocals.

How do you hope the listener reacts to "The Way Out?" Do you wish to bring them a sense of hope and optimism?

I hope when people listen to this song they feel empowered. I hope people can realize soon after breakups that they do not need the other person to be happy, and they will thrive on their own.

What's next for you?

I want to keep releasing music and playing live. I have a big show coming up in November for the Canadian Mental Health Association which I am very excited and honored to be doing.