Isaiah Angel Hubbird Gets Us on His “Wavelength” with Incredible New Single

Today we are listening to Isaiah Angel Hubbird’s new single “Wavelength” and we are very happy that we are! Isaiah has spent some time doing some sonic soul searching and it seems like he has landed on something. After auditioning for America’s Got Talent, he was motivated to work on his craft and has found his lane.

“Wavelength” is a beautiful song that people of all ages can enjoy. Coming from the alternative scene and almost taking part in the Vans Warped Tour, it’s easy to see how this song and career path could’ve been inspired by peers such as the Plain White T’s and their song “Hey There Delilah”, while also mixing influence of Snow Patrol and John Mayer.

The song consists of stunning fingerpicking guitar work and soft vocals. The lyrics are easy to get to you with lines such as “why are you so far from me”, it’s easy to see that he is not as close to a love interest as he would hope. There are also lines of making coffee for two, leaving cigarettes out because it “makes me feel closer to you”. The song is also accompanied by a light piano that compliments the overall mood of the song. The song is a longer one, closing in on the exact 5-minute mark, but it doesn’t feel too long, at all. 

If you’re looking for a good cry or some help to get over being lonely, we suggest listening to “Wavelength” by Isaiah Angel Hubbird today. 

Listen to "Wavelength" here.