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Isaiah Hubbird Releases an Acoustic Masterpiece With, "How I Feel"

Chicago's acoustic Singer/Songwriter Isaiah Hubbird releases his deeply emotional and genuine single, "How I Feel." 

The mere thought of impacting others through his words keeps Hubbird inspired to let his emotions flow through each song. Recently rebranding his music through the use of his full name, Isaiah Hubbird is proudly embracing who he is to lead by example for any listener struggling with similar challenges. 

Giving listeners a track they can heavily relate with, "How I Feel" tells Hubbird's personal story of falling in love with somebody and capturing that picturesque moment in the song. The soft and heartfelt instrumentals bring incredibly pleasing melodies that help the listener drift into a serene space with Isaiah Hubbird's poetic lyricism.

"How I Feel" begins with a sweet ukulele and distant piano, setting the track's emotional and passionate tone. Once Isaiah Hubbird's warm and tender vocals appear the song shifts into this mesmerizing ballad through vulnerable and endearing lyrics. 

Explaining how he struggles to find the courage to exclaim his love for someone, we can't help but feel this breathtaking cinematic sensation through the song's heavenly atmosphere. While Isaiah Hubbird continues to describe his aching passion for this person, the supporting strings, ukulele, and ghost vocals finish the piece on an incredibly serene and warm note. 

Isaiah Hubbird exudes such pure passion within his delicate lyricism on "How I Feel," and we love each captivating moment of this heartfelt and romantic storyline.

Hello Isaiah, thank you for sitting down with us to discuss your latest release "How I feel." May we start by saying, what a beautiful and mesmerizing piece you've created with "How I Feel." Could you tell us what your songwriting process was like when forming such straightforward and romantic lyrics?

I wrote this song back in 2016 when I was in college. It was originally performed on acoustic guitar and has definitely been one of my favorite pieces. I went through a usual time of growing feelings for someone, so to kept it simple by expressing every emotion I was feeling at that time. Transitioning the song to ukulele helped add a unique environment to the song. I do plan on releasing an acoustic version in the future to hear both emotions. 

Did you come up with the lyrics prior to the instrumentals for "How I Feel"? How did you expand the song's atmosphere to become so warm and compelling?

I started with the lyrics first for this song. I wanted to ensure I had the right words to fit the story I portrayed. In the composition stage, I wanted to emphasize on a dreamy void of feelings. Thus, I used a choir/soloist and some soothing strings. To top it off, I created a cello that had a sharper response to really feel the intensity of the chorus. 

Does "How I Feel" stand out in any way from the rest of your discography? Do you usually create such vulnerable and reflective lyrics within your songs?

“How I Feel” stands out from my other songs because the vibes are surreal. It takes you on a journey of fantasy, yet the words behind the story are true.  If you think this song is vulnerable, just wait until you hear the full album coming next year. 

We've heard that 2020 saw the rebranding of your music through the use of your full name. Why did you want to make this change, and do you feel that your music is more personal now that we know the man behind the mic?

I began using my full name so that I can finally express myself truly. I don’t want to hide behind the curtain of a stage name anymore. This helps create an environment of sincerity to those who listen to my music. The next set of tunes I have planned are extremely personal, yet will share the reality that many others live through. I am excited to share my story for others to understand and relate to.

What has been keeping you inspired this year? For someone who's struggling to be creative, what advice can you give them?

My main inspiration is finding myself. The beginning of this year was pretty rough, but it is smooth now. I have the time and passion for music that I once had in the past. For those who are struggling to create, write about it. Art is a glorious gift given to all of us. It would be a shame to not use it at all. For the times that I struggle, I find answers and solutions through many channels available anywhere. Whether it be the universe, other artists, or just deeply listening to what I desire... you’ll overcome it and make something magical.


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