Ishimwe Manoa Delivers a Party Anthem With “So Fine”

Ishimwe Manoa released the rhythmic single “So Fine”, a song that you can play at any local party that will surely get the dance floor jumping! “So Fine” instantly radiated energy through me as a listener. The minute you hear the song you’re bound to get elevated with joy and feel the presence of the song just takes over. This is the type of song that you can listen to while driving, doing household activities, or hanging out with friends due to how it’s an instant mood changer! Listening to “So Fine” was refreshing due to the refined energetic vibrations it sent into the listener. “So Fine” had this cool dancehall element to the production that had this special way of getting you to groove alongside the song. “So Fine” is radio-ready! It’s the type of song that will generate great buzz through the general public. The trail-blazing rhythm sends electrifying chills through your body which is absolutely perfect for the marketplace.

Many people will love to catch a vibe to “So Fine”. The great musicality in “So Fine” could be thanks to Ishimwe Manoa’s musically inclined upbringing. He’s been gifted with music ever since he can remember, growing up singing in church choirs along with his siblings since his uncle was a choir conductor, composer, and leader! There will be no surprise if Ishimwe Manoa takes over 2020, and with a hit song like “So Fine” the chances are looking higher than ever.

Listen to "So Fine" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ishimwe Manoa! In what ways has your background singing in church choirs impacted the music you create today?

To be honest, it's not just background singing in church choirs that have impacted the music I am Creating and I will continue to create. I come from a family of church singers and worshipers and that has always had a big influence. So growing up singing was a way to Express and just feel connected to the community.

Tell us about your single “So Fine”, what was the biggest challenge you faced when making this record?

So Fine is a song about falling in love with someone and wanting to confess and give them all your words and promises. Just two together dancing all night. away from reality. Well this is my first single so of course, there were many challenges but most of them were just me having doubts and feel. For the longest, I have been struggling to find what genre to fit into. I came to the USA when I was 13 years old. So I listened to a lot of 2009-2019 pop culture but also I wanted to do afrobeat music. So the biggest challenges were finding a way to bring two of my favorite genres together and merge them into one. That’s why I decide to do the song half Rwandese and half English. But also a way for many youths To still learn the language.

How would you detail your creative approach to the production of “So Fine”? 

Well, it was more of “trying to figure out “ production process I would Say. I had to connect with DJ back home in east Africa for beats collaboration and give them the detail of what I was Looking for and the kind of melody and tempo of what I was going for. I also Was nerve to be in the studio as it was my first time. So I was finding out and learning everything as I go. But I can surely say it was a great experience.

What inspired you to write “So Fine”?

I co-wrote the song with Rwandese Radio personality and Artist Uncle Austin. And we wanted the song to express how it feels with you are in love and want to tell the person how you feel. But also wanting the moment to just be the person. We all know in the new age of technology it’s hard to get someone full attention.

What can we look forward too from you in this upcoming year of 2020?

Well, one thing that I can say for sure is that THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. I moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to start working on my career and join the entertainment industry. For the last 3 years, it’s been about finding myself and learning about the industry. I am so happy to have this song out and to finally working on my music. I will be releasing more singles for now. Not sure about an album yet.