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“ISpy” A New Banger From Binxx And Mati Lyons

Sending us into the depths of pop-punk passion is singer-songwriter and recording artist Binxx alongside art-pop artist Mati Lyons for their anthemic new single, "ISpy."

Binxx constantly takes listeners into stimulating and emotional sonic journeys that ooze in authenticity and meaning. Just under three years in the music scene, he's already garnered over 2 million streams by painting beautiful images of emotion that contrast other dominant, heavy-hitting, and thrilling punk tunes from the young recording artist.

Now teaming up with singer-songwriter and art-pop connoisseur Mati Lyons, the two just dropped their melodic and catchy new bop "ISpy." The song tracks the dynamic thoughts and emotions within a relationship while concluding that even though the future is hazy and romance might be dead, there's no issue in reliving those sweet memories one last time before we arrive at a dead end.

Jumping into the hearty tune, "ISpy (feat. Mati Lyons)," the song kicks off with a warm and clear rhythm guitar riff alongside Binxx's filtered vocals that slowly creep into the foreground. As a bright, heavy hip-hop beat begins punching through our speakers, Binxx starts setting the scene with emotional, confusing settings that navigate the troubles of a relationship while knowing you're attached by the hip.

Mati Lyons makes her way in around the second verse to bring a needed female flair for added elegance and emotion. She sings a similar confused message of wanting to rekindle a flame even though problems and issues are constantly arising. While both parties are patiently waiting for the weekend to let loose, they close the song with immense energy and passion to take us there.

Head into the weekend and turn up to Binxx and Mati Lyons' new single, "ISpy (feat. Mati Lyons)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Binxx. We're thrilled to feature such an anthemic and relatable track like "ISpy." What was the main source of inspiration behind this vibrant tune?

"ISpy" is that typical but relatable love story where you and another individual are constantly playing games with each other, not sure where it's all heading towards. Is this a good or bad thing? I like her or him but is this right? We pull at each other's love strings until that moment of clarity. The mindset of young love, just waiting for the weekend to play again.

What made you want to collaborate with Mati Lyons for "ISpy?" What did she add to the song that you were looking for?

I discovered Mati through a friend who said she created music similar to mine. We hit it off right away and decided it would be a great idea to collaborate and make a song together that would complement each other's styles. I love Mati's energy, vocals, and fresh twist she brings to her music.

What was your songwriting process like for "ISpy?" Did you and Lyons share this process or write your own lyrics separately?

The process was fairly simple actually. I just wrote my part and placed everything, ready for Mati to fill in the open verse. After that, I mixed and mastered the song. The rest is history!

Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating the sound and vibe for "ISpy?"

Yes, the song was influenced by the popular sound of Oliver Trees' song "Life Goes On". I loved the fun and interesting sound of that particular song. I really wanted to create and mix a track like it in my own way. I feel I captured a vibe and a level of catchiness from the hook I developed, the same as Oliver Tree did with his song.

What's next for you?

I have been working on my sound and have many new and refreshing songs on the way. I feel I'm just starting to really find my niche, being fairly new to making music. I continue developing my sound and style of music and can't wait for everyone to hear what I have in store. I am officially sticking to my roots of Pop Punk but with a new twist of Hyperpop sprinkled in. My craft keeps getting better and evolving, and people will continue to see Binxx pop up in the near future.


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