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ISSAMWERA Squared. A Review of the Song and History of the Artist

ISSAMWERA is an Icelandic Afro-Fusion collective fresh off the release of their single, "Issamwera." The song is a vibrant and riotous, afrobeat hit that is sure to take you back to your roots. The song features tribal non-lexical backing vocals, organically timbered percussion, and ethereal notes from the electric flutes wrapping around the effortlessly outreaching lead vocals.

ISSAMWERA said of the song, "Our song, Issamwera, which means welcome, is about unity, how much at ease we get when we know we are in a place where we belong, the beauty of belonging, the beauty of connection, and the beauty of finally having everything flow effortlessly."

Through the backing vocals, organically timbered percussion, and ethereal notes from the electric flutes wrapping around the effortlessly outreaching lead vocals, Issamwera sun-bleaches daily trivialities while reflecting the strength and importance of unity. This song is for fans of Retro Stefson, The Groove Family, and Total Hip Replacement.

With a fresh and nostalgic sound, ISSAMWERA's latest single, "Issamwera (Welcome)," is a powerful reminder of the importance of unity. The song's Afrobeat-infused rhythms and soulful vocals are sure to transport listeners to a place of belonging, while the lyrics reflect the beauty of connection and flow.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Issamwera. We truly appreciate such a relatable anthem for our times like "Issamwera" What inspired you to write about the current situation in the world?

Thank you for inviting us; we feel quite blessed. Something is going on in the world that we wanted to address, and we wanted to address it in a positive way. We are being pulled by the media and strange ideologies that we are forgetting to be ourselves, human, and to be human is to be together, united. The song Issamwera is about unity, about the beauty that we find when we set our differences apart and become one, there is a sense of belonging, which in today's world is rare to see, and we wanted to address that with this song.

Could you expand on your songwriting process for "Issamwera?" Do you face any difficult moments when writing such emotional lyrics?

Living in Iceland, we have experienced all sorts of things, and as they say, the grass is never greener on the other side; we know because we come from different backgrounds and different cultures, we have a unique view on things, and we wanted to take advantage of this "life-sight" if I may say, and truly share positivity as much as possible. We converted our experiences into positive experiences, life lessons, and uplifting moments, and we managed because we were together. The strength of being together as a collective made all the difference. And if we could do this with ourselves, we can do that to others, uplift others, and tap into the beauty of the process.

What was the most rewarding part about creating "Issamwera?" What did you appreciate most from the experience?

We are thrilled that award-nominee Sunna Fridjons joined us on this song; I mean, we did the unimaginable, blending African traditional music with Icelandic Folk and lyrics. We wanted to tap into our experience here in Iceland, the polar cultures, and the differences, and still find the element of unity in it.

What do you hope the listener realizes or considers after experiencing "Issamwera?"

If there is any hint of frustration or isolation, then this song is for you. Like A&R Factory said, this song is to "dance all your worries away,' put a smile on your face, and leave you with a sense of ease, a sense of belonging; with our music, we want to say, "you are welcome here," truly welcomed.

What's next for you?

Finally, we are having our release concert this year, which will open doors to many more concerts and opportunities like releasing our music videos and going to the motherland to perform. Ever since the restrictions were lifted, we want to go as big as we can, and we are excited about that.


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