It All Comes Down to, "The Business"

From notable styles and a stunning stage presence, M-Cellz’s music is standing out as an entity all on its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by the artist has definitely made a mark and impact on the music community.

The Norwalk, Connecticut-born and current Atlanta resident, is the owner and CEO of his independent label and brand Grind Trybe Entertainment. M-Cellz is solely driven to expand his brand and build more of a fan base for himself and his company, all while delivering nothing but good quality music to the world.

Honing in on his authentic emcee delivery, the unalloyed and present performance from M-Cellz shines brightly in, “The Business.” Recruiting Hip-hop artist S.L.I.M in order to achieve the desired sound that tours us through the verses, we are offered up hard-hitting energy that thrives on the dynamism that both artists bring forth.

The buoyant instrumentation courtesy of OrionCreates and Gerard sits heavily on your mind as you’re persuaded to get up out of your seat and fuel your soul with the charismatic likes of the music at hand. “The Business,” allows you to feast on the lyrical complexity that both M-Cellz and S.L.I.M bring to the table as they flaunt their undeniable swagger through slick cadences and perfectly timed rhyme schemes.

Conveying a motivational message that touches on the struggle they’ve been through to get where they’re going, your eyes are opened to the confidence oozing from this track. Conquering an inimitable panache that effortlessly flows through your headspace, M-Cellz weighs in superlatively as he destroys this beat with an unapologetic persona.

Delivering us a minimalistic approach to the oversaturated bells and whistles blazing, keep your mind open to the seamless pieces of M-Cellz’ universe slowly coming together in a raw and gritty fashion.