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It All Comes Down to the "Dreadful Bitter End"

Ghost Licker is a conceptual audio installation created by multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Travis Collins.

Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Ghost Licker was originally conceived in 2015 as a four-piece technical indie-hard rock band. The project has since been molded into its current, laid-back, and dreamier rendition which has been designed with the romantic visionary in mind.

Truly playing upon the motive of Ghost Licker, “Dreadful Bitter End,” navigates listeners through a brilliantly crafted environment that thrives in spatial components. Wrapping us up in a blanket of amplified hues, the eclectic energy that runs vividly throughout the sonic veins of this record manages to shift your gears into overdrive.

With such a raw, and intense offering of sounds, your mind can’t help but sift through the various outlets of musicality as each instrument has a designated space to thrive upon. Fusing together for the colossal essence of temptation to be unveiled, there’s a prevailing quintessence that makes itself rather apparent.

The passion-fueled vocals croon words of desire and reality that amalgamate in such a buoyant coalition of vigor, and with lyrics such as ‘I guess it’s time I left without you. No room left to run underneath the sun,’ making a statement from the foreground, the sincere illumination of implicit feelings, hints at something provocative hidden in the night; which is second nature to Ghost Licker.

Taking in each harmony that intricately laces the foundation of “Dreadful Bitter End” as one, this record bolsters the keynotes of angst and emotion felt within our very being.

Hello Ghost Licker, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Dreadful Bitter End.” We love how the energy you perform with is charged up to a new extreme. With such a blatantly forward song title, what does this song's narrative reflect?

"Dreadful Bitter End" addresses the haunting comparison of human toxicity to the menacing behavior of the undead.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the attitude conveyed, and themes expressed?

Buried in the details is the sentiment for personal growth, progress, and change. It’s important to take a step back often to assess and take advantage of opportunities to make positive changes in life.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, what does the typical process look like when you bring a song to life? What comes first, the music or the lyrics?

I’m hardly trying to bring a song to life, just the opposite! haha!.. only joking. I do have a particularly natural and reserved process. I wait until a truly meaningful and inspiring feeling overcomes me, then hum a melody and loosely write some words. Next, I’ll use the guitar to find unique accompanying notes and tones, often dissonant. As a drummer first, percussive placement is very important and can be flashy in its subtleties. My objective is to let space breathe, for emptiness Is one of the most moving emotions.

Since your 2020 single ‘The Dead City,’ how would you say that you have grown as an artist?

These past three releases have been a continuation of the band Ghost Licker, an indie hard rock quartet I had assembled in 2015. I choose Dreadful Bitter End as 1 / 6 of the original Ghost Licker tracks to carry forth because it spans the most genres of the original 6. I wrote and recorded The Moon and The Dead City in 2019 and designed them to be more laid back and have a dreamier feel. Since recording these songs I have redesigned my rig from the usual rock band instrumentation to modular and analog synths assuming those roles. I have new Ghost Licker tracks dropping this year with a refreshing electronic lift as well as a full-length collaboration album.

What's next for you?

As mentioned above, I’ll be releasing a new GhostLicker single this year and I have a full-length collaboration album in the works with Mr. Joshua as a vocalist. Be on the lookout for at least two new songs this year, a variety of content on my social media pages, and a music video!

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