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It Can Take A Lifetime To Master "Patience," But James A. Goins Shows Us Otherwise

Composer James A. Goins is best known for being a modern-day Renaissance man. He has worked extremely hard to establish himself as an inventive and musically sensitive director of Theatre, Musicals, and Film.

With a musical style that covers genres such as Orchestral, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Jazz, and Soul, James A. Goins believes perseverance dictates that every person arrives at their desired destination exactly on time.

With the enticing sounds of a triumphant masterpiece titled, “Patience,” this latest release from James A. Goins has us cast under his spell of intoxicating musical creations. The solely instrumental track has you taking away copious amounts of emotion that have been poured into a record of this caliber. Touching upon numerous feelings that you didn’t even realize were bottled up inside, you are immersed in a sense of relief as your ears take in the striking composition of, “Patience.”

Deluxe strings fiddle throughout your headspace as this specific record offers up a minimalistic approach that is dressed in opulent complexity. As we transform our minds to the canvas in which James A. Goins creates upon, we see vivid illustrations of growth, time, and the everlasting journey that life has us seeking. Through the winding roads of the messaging to the unknown ominous exhilaration of the keys being delicately played, James A. Goins redefines the term sonic voyage as he has us strapped in for the flourishing future of his intricately crafted creations. We could all take some cues from the master himself and invest in a little, “Patience.”

Listen to "Patience" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, James A. Goins! Congratulations on the release of your latest captivating piece, “Patience.” We would love to know; what is the ultimate meaning behind this composition?

The meaning and or idea behind my song ‘Patience’ is that great thing, great achievements whether in your life or trying to complete a new or measured task takes time. If you want to excel or be at the top of your game in anything it will require patience. The repeating of the piano motif throughout the songs speaks to the necessity of repetition to master something. At first, it becomes tedious even to the point of boredom but eventually, other motifs join in which represent skills sets you acquire along the way, or layer on top of that repetition until you finally reach a new level. In the end, a new but very satisfying chord is added which says you’ve arrived.

Could you please give us a glimpse of what the creative process looked like for you when bringing, “Patience,” to life?

I had to think of a motif that was first satisfying to the ear and also to play. Next, I had to think about how repeating it would affect the listener, (me first of course) because if it sucked I’d have to rethink the whole thing over. Then I let my emotions play with other secondary motifs (musical phrases) that would take the piece in a different direction even though the same phrase was being played throughout. Counterpoint and harmony come in handy here, but honestly, it’s not that complicated. You find what works to help tell your musical story.

As a Jack of all trades, do you have a specific piece of the creation process that you favor?

In everything I do creatively I love the “What if…” stage. That’s the daydreaming, imaginative part that gets the mind working. In fact, I believe it to be the most important part of the creative process. It helps you determine or figure out where you want to go why you are creating this work and what you want to say creatively along the way.

I use this when writing a script, creating a song, or directing a play of film. Your work must strive to say something. It doesn’t always have to be deep but I find the best messages in the art are the simple ones. It gives the viewer or listeners an opportunity to interpret your work for themselves and make it personal to them.

Through the winding road of 2020, what has been your biggest take away when it comes down to your craft?

I try to be disciplined enough to write something every day even if it is only 4 bars of music. At least by doing that I have something to go back to. I have hundreds of sketches like this which means I have tons of music that have ideas waiting for me to fill in the blanks. This also helps me write complete songs faster.

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

Quarantining has allowed me an opportunity to focus on what is most important in my life and in my creative endeavors. This has inspired me to compose better crafted, more focused music. Attention to detail is everything. It has also helped me to realize that the work we create as artists is not just for us. Sure, we like being musicians or songwriters and hearing our work, but if what we create can help other human beings get through their challenges or help them approach a situation differently then we’re doing our jobs as creatives.

In terms of advice for staying inspired. If you don’t write it, sing it or compose it someone else will! So, get to work. Do not waste time. Learn your craft and the nuances that make what you do stand out in it. Compose something every day even if it is a phrase or two. The one commonality that separates those who are successful in a profession is not just their passion or being passionate about their craft (an overly used word used to excuse hard work these days) it is their grind! They grind every day on getting better at what ‘they’ do because if they don’t write it, sing it or compose it someone else will! Hence, they write something every day or go over their music or lyrics every day trying to perfect them. This involves grinding it out and not wasting time! You can get money, but you can get time. The more you grind the greater the output. The greater the output the better the craft. The better the craft the more unique and confident you become. The more confident you are the more creative you become.


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