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It Could Be Franky Asks For Space In, “Better”

Electro-pop recording artist and singer-songwriter It Could Be Franky reflects on a relationship's tumultuous moments in her latest thrilling single, "Better."

It Could Be Franky is the moniker of Danielle Hamel. Her avant-garde minimalistic and manic synth-pop sound has earned her an ECMA nomination for Electronic Artist of the Year in 2017 and 2020 and being named MusicNL’s 2019 Pop Artist of the Year. Now, Franky is solidifying a more confident, bombastic, quirky, and dark pop aesthetic.

The new single, "Better," gives us a closer look into It Could Be Franky's personal life as she examines a relationship where both parties realize that hanging out with friends and other people could be "Better." Franky says it may be healthier to have a larger network of friends "so you can access all of your interests, your personality, and overall well-being."

Jumping into the new single, "Better," the track bursts open with a distorted and screechy synth alongside airy and heavy drums. It Could Be Franky's vocal appearance shifts our ears onto her powerful performance that sings of giving someone what they need but realizing that reaching out to friends could be "Better" for the both of them.

All while It Could Be Franky serenades us with her spunky vocals, she leaves our jaws on the floor with her expansive and ethereal production that glitters and gleams like the stars above. It's an incredibly emotional yet cathartic song that sees It Could Be Franky reassuring someone that she'll still be there, but she can't be everything they need.

Experience the relatable and needed message within It Could Be Franky's buzzy new single, "Better," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, It Could Be Franky. We can totally relate to the honest theme within your recent single, "Better." What experiences in your relationship inspired you to create this genuine piece?

Happy to be here! When writing Better, I was thinking about when I was younger and looking for a relationship, I thought I was going to find someone who can match me perfectly and who could be this person that completes me somehow. But I eventually had to realize that my partner and I, can’t be all things to each other. He needs to find someone who shares his love of movies, I need to find friends who shares my love of pop music. You need different relationships for different things. You can’t expect any one person to tick all those boxes for you. It’s not fair to them, it’s not healthy for you, and it’s too much pressure on a relationship.

Who produced the stellar and stimulating sonics within "Better"? What sort of atmosphere or vibe did you want the production to offer?

The song was produced by me, so thank you! I tend to like a lot of layers and textures in my songs, so this song was one that I restrained myself and deliberately left sparse. I was listening to Consideration by Rihanna on repeat when I wrote this, so I really wanted something that was dominated by a kick drum, had room to breathe, and could really rumble in a car. I tested it relentlessly in a car, and I think it passes the test.

What was your favorite part about creating "Better"? What was the peak of the experience?

My favorite part is tracking the vocals because that’s when it feels like it is all coming together. I recorded this in my home studio during the height of the pandemic, so it was a solitary experience. And I probably accessed emotions that really could only be explained by the strange time we were in.

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "Better"? What did you want the song to provide them with?

I hope that it would feel like an anthem about demanding more for yourself, having self-respect, demanding respect from others, and having the means to recognize when you in an unhealthy situation and demand better.

What's next for you?

There are more songs to come that were created in these pandemic writing sessions. It was a great way for me to process the instability we all felt in 2020. Stay tuned for new songs and videos to be released later this summer!


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