It Doesn't Get Much Better than Jenny Chapin's Latest Hit "A Better Me"

Jenny Chapin's voice is ear quenching good. Her melodic pop sound harmonizes her latest hit "A Better Me." The electric guitar bounces around her centralized pitch-perfect vocals. Just when you think you have this pop song all figured out, you get blasted with a funky, Motown guitar riff that leads you into the chorus, that will have you strutting around the room. Based in Southern California, Jenny Chapin has loved to sing ever since she was a child, however, Jenny stopped singing at the age of thirteen when she was oh, so wrongly voice shamed. Persevering, Jenny chose to embrace her voice and all other aspects of herself and is proving all of those skeptics wrong.

We hear a lot of that persevering sentiment on her latest hit, "A Better Me." Jenny sings of a lead that is independent, self-assured, and in tune with toxic surroundings. Lyrics like "It's like I'm a better me," "I love myself enough to let you go," " 'cause now your gone I'm great," show a sense of empowerment and self-confidence we are totally loving. The track's ability to uplift the listener with its elevating pop music vibes while playing on sensitive subject matter serves as an anthem for self-love.

Discover "A Better Me" here.

Hi Jenny, and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest hit "A Better Me" is an infectious hit and we loved the positivity that radiated from this song. Can you tell us a bit about your connection to the song and how you wanted your listeners to feel when they heard it?

Hi BuzzMusic, thanks for having me! I am so excited! "A Better Me" is my first song as a solo artist and I wrote this song with another amazing songwriter & singer LeyeT. This song is very personal to me and specifically to my last long term relationship. I wanted this to be a free-ing song that gives listeners hope and lets them know that they can be okay on their own or without someone that is weighing them down.  Understandably we know the dark side that exists in the entertainment industry. You mentioned when you were a teen you were voice shamed and that stalled your career. How did you overcome the negativity and turn it into such a powerful success story?

Oddly, music wasn't something that I was even aware I still had a passion for, because I had blocked it out for so long due to the trauma I experienced as a teen. It wasn't until I went to a women's conference at a friend's church that I realized I desperately wanted to pursue music. I finally realized that I wasn't going for it because I was so afraid of what people would think and worried about what people would say. however, I knew that I would always regret not trying to pursue it if I didn't go for it. It took me a long time to realize that the people who are negative and judge you aren't really your friends, and how important it is to surround yourself with the right people that lift you up and help you believe in yourself.  What has music meant to you personally and what do you hope your music brings to listeners?

Music has been another escape for me (just as dance was) where I am able to either forget about the outside world for a little bit or connect with my emotions and be in the moment. I hope my music does a few things for people. I hope it brings people comfort. I hope the lyrics are something that people can relate to and know that they aren't alone with how they feel.  I hope people are also able to have fun, get lost in the music, and escape from reality for a bit.  Do you have any musical influences that have played a roll in shaping your sound?

Celine Dion, Demi Lovato, Julia Michaels, Halsey, Kelly Clarkson, Dixie Chicks, and Christina Aguilera are some of my biggest influences their music has definitely helped shape my sound. What can fans expect to hear next from you, Jenny?

A lot of honesty, and a lot of pop!