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It's A "No Sleep Season," With King Gabriel As We Enter A New Year

From Kansas City, Kansas, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist King Gabriel unleashes his flaming hot 14-track album entitled 'No Sleep Season.'

Known for his positive vibes and relatable words, King Gabriel is the king of all things creative. He uses his music as a vessel for his energy and charismatic personality, which landed him on the biggest hip-hop station in Kansas City, Hot 103 Jamz. Through countless collaborations and dedication to his craft, King Gabriel was able to create a sound that's entirely his own.

The Kansas-hailing recording artist recently released a slapper of an album entitled 'No Sleep Season,' which kicks off with the first track, "Internal Conflicts (Intro)." The song is a downtempo, reflective, raw Joey Bada$$ vibe that opens the project with incredible introspection and depth. Track number two, "Ease Your Mind (feat. Jay Melody)," maintains that same depth but in a more passionate and loving way. It's no wonder why Jay Melody chose that name, his verse on this track is pure melodic bliss.

Turning up the heat is track number three, "In Da Game," where the wild drums and hazy synths drift through our speakers while King Gabriel delivers his rhythmic and dominating verse to spice things up. Maintaining that energy with the next track, "Emotions," we hear King Gabriel open his heart for someone he has his eyes on. Attention please, in the words of Schoolboy Q, please shake it for the "Man of the Year." This time around, it's King Gabriel; this track bumped our speakers to the ground with a scorching beat and Gabriel's confident flow.

Do you have a "D.T.O.F"? King Gabriel does, and he showcases his different types of flex perfectly in this poised, powerful, and rather intimidating track. Before we know it, King Gabriel brings the goods on "The Remedy Pt. 1," which gives us heavy Kendrick Lamar vibes with the dense harmonies, melodic production, and King Gabriel's fiery flow. Onto his biggest radio hit, "Too Late," we can see why this song got the love it did; King Gabriel's friendly Sponge Bob sample, energetic production, and confident flow leaves us floating in the clouds.

Keeping the momentum with track number nine, "We On," King Gabriel jumps into an authoritative flow with a groovy, psychedelic beat, which slows down once we meet "Treat You Right (feat. Go Riq)." The song is a passionate r&b/hip-hop banger where King Gabriel expresses his passion for someone special. Go Riq's flow and vocals are like some sort of lovechild between Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Onto the most emotional, vulnerable, and loving track on the album, "Many Reasons (feat. B.A.D.) helps us get to know B.A.D.'s warm, tender stylings alongside King Gabriel's honest words.

King Gabriel leaves our speakers bumping with track number twelve, "Dat Paper (feat. Papa Da Don)," especially with his attention-commanding flow paired with Papa Da Don's gripping bars and exciting energy. King Gabriel holds his vision close to his heart and displays that perfectly in "The Vision," where a slow and atmospheric beat enhances his deeply reflective flow. Before we know it, we're met with the final track, "Get It Right (Outro)," a song of dedication, blessings, and utter devotion. We appreciate how King Gabriel slowed it down for the outro; perfectly closing the project on a passionate and memorable note.

We adored the entire experience of King Gabriel's latest album, 'No Sleep Season,' and we hope you won't sleep on such a dynamic and thorough project. Find 'No Sleep Season' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, King Gabriel. We're thoroughly impressed with the dynamic range and various atmospheres you've delivered on your recent album, 'No Sleep Season.' What inspired the project's name and the album itself?

The name 'No Sleep Season' was inspired by my dedication to my passions in life. Those passions can consist of Art, Music, Love & anything we may pursue in life. The title helps remind me that I need to keep going even if I lose sleep over it. This Album was made to give motivation to everyday people and to represent Kansas City, Kansas. I designed this album to have various styles while still attempting to capture our daily motives and experiences we may go through when trying to reach our goals. No Sleep Season was made to bring a new look to our day-to-day lives.

What was it like collaborating with the various features on 'No Sleep Season'? Are these all artists you've worked with before?

It was a great learning experience! Over time, I have released a lot of music (Mainly mixtapes) and songwriter for lots of artists, when selecting these artists for No Sleep Season, I've known them from past shows and collaborations, family connections, and becoming good friends. This album is something special. My first official record with Jooby Truth (KCK), we collapsed before on one of my previous mixtapes. Big Shout out to B.A.D.! She is one of my good friends from Chicago. This was her first official record. Another shout out to Jay Melody, We actually met through Hot 103 Jamz Radio competition for KC Top Ten Showcase. The record 'Ease your Mind' is amazing on so many levels. We were introduced by radio's Program Director Myron fears. This was the first record created for 'No Sleep Season' aside from my single 'Too Late' that was out at that time. It definitely set the tone for the album.

Did you collaborate with a few different producers when creating the sonics and production for 'No Sleep Season'? What was that process like?

Big Shout out to DJ Knick G, GO RIQ, Tha Goonez! This album was about 2 1/2 years in the making. It started with DJ Knick G, I want to definitely give him the most credit for helping build my sound. He is a great producer/engineer to work with and we created some amazing tracks like Dat Paper, Man of the Year, Emotions, and a lot more unreleased. Working with GO RIQ was a blessing, he brought out great vibes when we worked on the 'Treat You Right' record, it's one of my favorite tracks. For 'Tha Vision' track, he helped me complete what I wanted to say about my life and this one is special to me because it has a phone call from my uncle at the end. Another personal favorite record is D.T.O.F. produced by Tha Goonez and a special shout out to the homie TJ for making this happen! We went crazy on this one, this was the last record made to complete 'No Sleep Season' but it's just a good start for us to make more records.

What does 'No Sleep Season' mean to you? Does the album hold a significant theme or concept that you wanted to get across?

It's everything. This is my first official album released on all platforms. It was exactly how I wanted it treated as something I would say from my soul. I believe people would now respect my craft as an artist and as a songwriter. This album will be the groundwork of something amazing I will create for however many days I'm able to create. Also, No Sleep Season will keep people motivated in life to fulfill their passions.

What impact did you want 'No Sleep Season' to have on your audience? How did you want listeners to react and receive the album?

The impact I want to portray is my growth in music. My songwriting style is very experimental and expressive. I would like my listeners to hear 'No Sleep Season' and choose a song that resonates the most with them. Send me a video (@KingGabriel913) of your favorite song off the album. Be on the lookout for new visuals for 'No Sleep Season' and new music from King Gabriel.


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