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It's All About Momentum in Shayla Souliere’s, "Touch and Go"

Regina-based pop artist Shayla Souliere’s music reflects the single-minded approach that she’s taken to her career as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist ever since the day she sold the car she bought herself during high school to bankroll her first recording session in Los Angeles.

Never one to hold back, we see the exhilarating spirit of Shayla Souliere in the recent release of her enthralling hit single “Touch and Go.” Allowing the focus to reiterate the momentum of moving forward instead of backward, the buoyant atmosphere that the instrumentation brings to the table has Shayla Souliere matching the effervescence in a colossal way.

Crooning vivid lyrics that play upon her impenitent persona, the charisma bottled up in “Touch and Go,” redefines the word fierce. Shayla Souliere does it all. She fashions a universe that heavily weighs on the feel-good vibrancy while being dominant with the words she sheds.

Enlisting producer, mix engineer, and co-writer Giordan Postorino to shape the quintessence of “Touch and Go,” Shayla Souliere exceeds our expectation in the vigor she showcases. Although written about a relationship, Shayla Souliere ensures that the heartfelt lyrics can apply to all situations in life.

Remaining that beaming ray of light that illuminates a sense of confidence and poise in her audience, the refreshing optimism that she relays is definitive. Turn up the volume and let Shayla Souliere infiltrate your speakers as she undeniably spreads her magnetism through the soundwaves of your home sound system.

Hello Shayla Souliere, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest release “Touch and Go.” Could you please take us into the moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you so much! So, the creation of Touch & Go was totally different from all my past releases. I wrote and recorded this single virtually in my bedroom studio with my producer from Toronto over Zoom. He actually remotely accessed my computer to record this song (can’t say I have ever recorded like this before, haha). In our first Zoom session, I came into the co-write with the idea of writing a breakup type song.. because I was so sick of relationships always starting and ending so quickly (almost like people are so easily disposed of these days). My co-writer Giordan Postorino and I started writing keywords down and randomly “Touch & Go” popped into my head. At that point, the writing completely shifted from a breakup-type feeling song to a song that is almost embracing the moment as (it is what it is) and having fun with it.

How did the experience of selling your first car shape your career as an artist today?

I honestly think it taught me a lot more than I think. First off, can I add, I had a very unrealistic car; especially for where I live lol. I am in the middle of Canada and we have BRUTAL Winters. I was driving around in a Honda Prelude and could only drive it for 4-5 months out of the year because it wasn’t a Winter car haha. So it made the most sense to sell it. It helped me pay for the studio time/production fees of my first single (which was a great help), but it also taught me that I don’t need those fancy cars, etc to get me through life. As long as I am creating music, performing, sharing my love for music with the world, and having my family and friends close, that’s what matters the most and makes me the happiest!

With such a brilliant way to portray the concept you speak on in the single, what are you hoping that your listeners take away from the release?

The song was really written about a loveless relationship that came out of past experiences. The big takeaway is that not all relationships are going to succeed, and sometimes you just have to embrace it for what it is and move on. I hope my listeners can take this message with them and adapt it to their own personal experiences.

The overall collaboration between yourself and Giordan Postorino creates such a lively dynamic in the mix! What was it like working with one another to get this concept to the ears of the public?

Okay, when I say working with Giordan has been a dream… it really has been! I feel like he and I write so well together but also get along so well on a friend level too! We have been writing together for about half a year and I feel like everything we write together is a smash. During the time of the pandemic, the kind of songs that I write has gotten much stronger. Not to mention the unique way this song was written and recorded (over zoom), simply because of not being able to be in the studio together.

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