It’sjustvon Takes Us On A Trip In His New Album 'Welcome to the State of Denial'

If you're looking for an excuse to relax, pull out your loudest speakers, sit back, and press play on It'sjustvon's new album 'Welcome to the State of Denial.' The interlude, "Entering the State of Denial," was just the warm welcome we needed. Lasting only 40 seconds, It'sjustvon takes us by the hand and leads us into a world of his own, and this is just the beginning. Showing us his true colors and artistry behind the music, we're introduced with a darkness that is so rich and tasteful. Just when he has our attention, those moody textures fade away, and we're left with no choice but to keep listening.

It'sjustvon's first track off the album, "Done With Me," gives us tastes of acoustic guitar with a simple, yet effective beat. Get ready to mellow out to this one. His flow is unique and rides the wave of the beat, allowing us to dive into each element in the sound. Grounded by the music, somehow, "Done With Me" keeps things interesting with the lyrics while remaining relatively static in dynamics. It'sjustvonshows us his abilities as a rapper in this song, but this is just the beginning of what he has to offer.

"Rock N' Von" comes in next with a bass line and a drum fill from a full kit. This is not something you would typically hear in a rap song, but this artist created something unique from it. This song mixes rap with rock, and it shocked us with how well It'sjustvon was able to pull it off. It'sjustvon's voice hits hard and strong on every consonant, definitely a contrast to the first song's vibe but similar enough to fit perfectly on this album. Using the same darkness from the first song, It'sjustvon brings us "Rights," except this time, we're thrown a hint of determination. "Rights" features quicker lyrics and a classic hip hop back-beat. It'sjustvon raps the words, "was deep in the water, but swam to the shore" with purpose, and we felt it.

"If U Was" starts with piano, snare, and hi-hats. We hear faint sounds of dialogue in the background before It'sjustvon sings from the heart, "If U Was my girl, you'd never die, girl, I never lie girl." With this song, It'sjustvon leads us into a new place where we found ourselves surrounded by peace and tranquility, and we loved every moment. From all the catchy melodies off this album, this one stuck in our heads the most.

Next up, It'sjustvon tells us a story with his track, "Something New." The lyrics describe events, so explicitly making you feel like you could've experienced these same things yourself. It'sjustvon raps in the chorus, "I just wanted something new girl, I just want you to know that I appreciate everything that you do" and ends the section with the lyric, "what's the point of falling in love, girl if it ain't in love with you." To add to this, the percussion gave this song just the push it needed to pull at your heart-strings, though It'sjustvon's voice was enough already.

It'sjustvon shows us yet another side to his artistry with tasty adlibs, a sweeping synth bass, and a groove that will get you moving in no time, and it's all here in his song "Mr. Meesee." The next interlude, "Leaving the State of Denial," is only the beginning of the end. This song provides an atmosphere of good vibes that only lasts 20 seconds. Every little bit captured a feeling you could relate to the idea of leaving a true state of denial. Contrasting to the other sounds on the album, "Not It" includes an electric guitar tone that carries the hook this time. We found pop elements in the instrumental to this track and couldn't help but groove along to the beat.

Last but not least, It'sjustvon brings us the last song off the project titled, "Jiggy." Similar to the electric guitar tone of the last song, It'sjustvon pairs this with percussive hi-hats that encompass the feel entirely. This is no doubt a feel-good tune that we can picture on your next favorite summer playlist. You know when an artist creates music diverse enough to keep you interested but manages to keep it within the same genre? That is the perfect way to describe It'sjustvon. As a whole, It'sjustvon has charmed us with his new album, 'Welcome to the State of Denial,' and now we wait anxiously for what comes next from this artist.

Listen to “Welcome to the State of Denial” here.

Hello, It’sjustvon! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We hear that your album “Welcome to the State of Denial” has been in the making for the past year. Where did the inspiration start for the project? What inspired the concept of a “state of denial”?

I had a final project in my electronic music technology course taught by Dr. McFerron. I wanted to go above and beyond for my final project so I decided to go to a nearby studio "Gremlin Studios" where I met my engineer Michael Menefee. I told him my vision for the song Rock 'N' Von. I wanted to incorporate live instruments as well as processed instruments. We used both diverse skills to create the shape and structure of the instrumental. This was the first song I recorded.  The passion to continue recording grew after this song was completed. I was dealing with the end of a 7-year break-up around the time last year. songs like "Something New" Done With Me" "If U Was" were being created because I wasn't sure yet if it was really over. The project title came later as I was driving a flatbed truck over the road from state to state. I kept seeing signs saying welcome to this state and I realized I was in a state of denial. I had to accept the fact that the relationship was over. I had to get out of the state of denial, people gone be people. I had a lot of time to think while driving around the U.S. 

“Not It” was one of our favorites! Can you tell us a bit more about what inspired the lyrics and production in this song?

Not It was the next track after the interlude "leaving the state of denial" voice by Kayla Franklin. The Song begins with "this for all the single people, man lets have some fun tonight". I've left the state of denial, it's time to move on, just have fun and stop holding on to love or even looking for it. the production I give the credit to my engineer Miken I left him to "sauce it up", I just came with the stems. 

Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to your music? How have they helped shape your artistry into what it is today?

Really, I just listen to all kinds of different music I think that what's shapes my artistry.

What are some of your biggest goals for the future? Are any of these being worked on or put into place?

My goal is to quit my job, I want to retire already. 

What's next for you? 

My last album of this year "I'm 25" dropping in August "