Italian Producer Ekidna Showcases Versatility With “Venom (Fight Back)”

Italian songwriter, producer and performer Ekidna grew up playing heavy metal with his first band all over the North of Italy. He discovered electronic production thanks to an Alien and started traveling through Europe and the US, wandering an ever-evolving soundscape. Flawlessly blending rock/metal influences and songwriting with electronic and dark, club oriented soundscapes, Ekidna is moving fast to deliver a unique sound that can touch a very wide audience. His new EP is coming soon, stay tuned! 

Beginning with ambient and cinematic, multi-layered tones, “Venom (Fight Back)” leads with a dreamlike delicacy and calming rhythms. The song quickly explodes into an electronic rock anthem and immediately intrigues and appeals for its contagious melody, meandering retro synth, and the gradually intensifying lyrics. The further you get into “Venom (Fight Back)”, the more creative and expressive Ekidna shows himself to be. This song is impressive, utilizing space and contrast in hard-hitting levels, yet still managing to mystify and hold your interest. With an anthem-like resolve, “Venom (Fight Back)” reminds you of where things began, and further cements the fact that Ekidna is a go-to electronic act right now, with both production and songwriting aiming high and always hitting the mark. 

Check out “Venom (Fight Back)” here and read more with Ekidna in our exclusive interview below! 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic! “Venom (Fight Back)” has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

Hello everybody! thanks for having me back. Venom is the song that differs most from the others i released and that i'll release in the next weeks: it's brighter, upbeat, it has a very rocknroll attitude. In fact i started writing it by chance, while i was producing a cover of Meds by Placebo (one of my fav Bands), had created this distorted synth while following the riff with an arpeggiator and thought i should have use it for a song of mine. I wanted it to be uplifting and powerful since the beginning, I didn't have lyrics at first, just the title's idea. The "Venom" is the indolence, the negative thinking, the envy of many people. As for the video, we thought about creating this character the fights a monster which represents all i said before. I'm very happy with the message i wanted to share and for how the song sounds, honestly, try to play Venom in your car at a very high volume, it's fu****g rock'n'roll!

What do you hope your listeners take away from “Venom (Fight Back)”?

Well, I wrote the lyrics thinking about the struggle the everyone who has a dream has to face everyday: disapproving family, greedy "friendships", messed up cultural level of the little place where you come from. All these things can be such a bummer if you're not strong enough or determined. Everyday you have to wake up and think: let me show you what i can do, i'm gonna fight and smile, no matter what. So yeah, this song is basically about being angry and turn this anger in something positive and productive.

What sets you apart from other artists in today’s music scene?

Wow, that's a hard question, I don't think it should be me to answer that. All i know is i put a lot of effort in the last two years, building up a characteristic sound and that the first songs are the foundation of what will come in the next months, I will keep on melting together rock/metal themes with electronic and pop and i'll make you jump and move, trust me.

Oh well one think i'm particularly proud of is that I'm the only one who does this type of music here in Italy, which is basically a double-edged sword because it makes think everyday that i should take the first plane and leave, but we'll see.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

I just finished producing the song you're asking about! haha, seriously, a few weeks ago i wrote and produced this new track that perfectly describes the attitude i want to have now on. It makes you move and sing along, it's dark and still gives you good vibes. So yeah, We'll be in touch when it comes out. But! you asked which one I'd choose from the ones that are already released so, i'd say Blurred, definitely. I love the way my fellow producer Squarehead_OS worked on the verse, that mood is totally what i was looking for at the moment. And it's a song the works fine even if you play it on piano (see the Stripped version) or guitar. 

What’s the bigger picture for you? What are your aspirations, and where do you hope to take things next?

I just want to play live a lot and reach new people. That's the biggest goal right now. I'm already at work on a EP which i'm sure will be something special as it is the result of these first steps of my path as producer and writer. I really can't wait to go in the studio and start recording it cause i'm sure it gonna be something different. So yeah, play live, meet people, spread my music around, write and produce music that can inspire something good in the people who listen.

Let me say thank you to all the people around the world that are showing love to my tracks and give me they're feedback.

Oh, i forgot, I wanna have fun doing music!! the most important thing! Did you check out my Italian version of Old Town Road? that was a lot of fun, like, a lot. Thank you very much for your time guys, don't forget to smile and fight!

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