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Itamar Introduces Us To a World True to Him In, "One To Five"

Brooklyn-based Songwriter from Tel Aviv, Itamar, interlaces gripping melodies with raw lyricism. He forms adept arrangements supporting sincere, poetic-while-straightforward songs. Itamar embarked on a sonic journey from a young age, initially expanding his expression through saxophone performance and composition. Upon moving to Brooklyn, New York, he became entranced by popular music and contemporary production. Itamar’s music is the product of this departure. With the release of his most recent four-track EP, “Tomorrow Was Today,” Itamar utilizes colossal elements as he recruits the talents of Yoni Marianer and O Mer, in order to bring a true Pop essence into the depths of this project. Zoning in on the first single off of the project, “One to Five,” Itamar offers up a sonic voyage that touches on his intricately fashioned resonance as he allows his audience to connect with his music. “One to Five,” shimmers with buoyancy as the vivid ambiance set in place washes over your entire being. Greeting us with a sprightly sparkle, we become fixated on the intoxicating bassline that oozes with the rhythm in the flood of affluent guitar riffs to keep up with the tight drum patterns performed.

The manner in which Itamar’s vocalization delves into the raw talent that he holds has us fully immersed in the abstract poetry he lets speak into his carefully crafted lyrics. Behind the expressions epitomized in the creative details of his tale, an indefinable dreamscape of melodies comes pouring into, “One to Five.” There is a certain execution of the heavenly utopia touched on that adds the extra pep in your step and grin on your face as you listen to this record from start to finish. We have to admit, it’s pretty much game over as soon as the golden saxophone notes arrive in your mind like bees on honey.

The unique Jazzy tones lead into the outro of this first-rate masterpiece and we couldn’t think of a better way to do so. Dipping us into a pond of the reality that comes with this crazy little thing called life, Itamar has us queuing up the rest of his EP, “Tomorrow Was Today,” as we speak.


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