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itskamstone Ignites The Indie Hip-Hop Scene With “Magazine”

Diving headfirst into the all-encompassing hip-hop lifestyle is songwriter, rapper, designer, and recording artist itskamstone with a ferocious new hit, "Magazine," from his 7-track LP, Left For Dead.

The Chicagoland artist launched his music career in 2019 and quickly garnered attention with his popular hit, "Skrrrt." With influences like Kanye West and Lil Wayne, itskamstone is eager to continue carving his distinct path in the industry while embarking on a major project set to release this November.

With hot and heavy new tracks like "Magazine" from his latest 7-track album, Left For Dead, itskamstone quickly proves that he's a force to be reckoned with. He's also settling into the hip-hop lifestyle quite comfortably but knows that with it comes plenty of fake 'friends' who care more about his success than well-being, as expressed in "Magazine."

Jumping into "Magazine," the track bursts open with scorching hot drums and tight hip-hop production swelling with haunting, mysterious vibes. As the powerful beat continues punching through our speakers, itskamstone makes his way in, depicting his endless chase for cash flow and the natural power that comes with dominating the modern indie hip-hop scene.

This song is sparking flames in our speakers. Everything from itskamstone's bluntly honest bars to his melodic and haunting beat makes us fall head over heels. One thing's for sure; itskamstone wastes no time beating around the bush. This track is a prime example of his conceptual bars that not only address personal issues but showcase his determination to make it big. And if he continues dropping bangers like this, we'd expect nothing less.

Looking for your new favorite hip-hop star? Feast your ears on itskamstone's powerhouse hit, "Magazine," from his 7-track album, Left For Dead, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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