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ITZBOIBOI Releases “I'm A God”

Brooklyn has bred some of the greatest rappers to grace the earth and ITZBOIBOI fits right in. From the gritty streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn—home to a mashup of Caribbean flavor blended with African-American soul, Boi Boi grew up in a household of old school Reggae and R&B music, which helped cultivate his sound. It was when he heard, Eric B. and Rakim’s raw, unfiltered, power heavy, “I Ain’t No Joke” on Ralph McDaniels Video Music Box, he knew he found his passion—Hip hop.

ITZBOIBOI released his latest single “I’m A God” and this single was all about self-confidence! The hook says “I’m a god, I’m a god, hallelujah tell them to recognize a god” ITZBOIBOI is breaking boundaries while metaphorically representing his talent, skills, and who he is as a person! He doesn’t flex, he owns his attributes and characteristics in this record, perfect for instilling confidence in others. When we listen to rap music, we like to brag, talk crap, and flex about ourselves. ITZBOIBOI released the perfect record for us to do that. “I’m A God” is the perfect single to feel good about yourself and channel that inner “God” in you. ITZBOIBOI voice was easily digestible. His delivery and style of rap reminded me of the roots of hip-hop. The raw, New York presence is shown in his artistry, and it reminded me of the many New York greats such as Jay-Z. ITZBOIBOI is showing us how New York does it! Do they still hold the crown for hip-hop? After listening to “I’m A God”, I might confirm that for you!

Listen to “I'm A God” here and get to know more about ITZBOIBOI below!

What is your take on the current state of hip-hop and rap!? How do you hope to make your mark in the industry?

As of right now its heading to a positive direction. I'm hearing alot artist bringing back that true passion in delivering a solid material. Also its great to see our major artist taking on leadership roles(community affairs etc)to motivate others in the right direction. I'm glad they are using their success to give back , innovate and initiate growth in our lives to do better. My goals are to do the same.

Tell us about “I’m A God”, what inspired you to write this?

I went through a spiritual transition in life and with that I did alot of reading in african history. My findings made me realize who i am and i chose not to be religiously controlled but to embrace the universe and my spirituality. God made man is own image parents made me in their own image..I made my son in my own image, I was born divine, I create life so that's makes me a goD. Then when I heard the beat the first thing that came out my mouth was "IM A GOD" it felt so strong that I had pause myself then I said it again and it felt good. Then the rest is history..

What are some challenges you face during songwriting?

How do you overcome these certain obstacles? I dont use pen and paper, I stopped that since I was 17 yrs old. I try not to think, I known it sounds crazy but if I have to think hard on what to do with a beat..then chances are I'm not going to create. I like to.feel free when I write, the only way I seem to feel free is when I'm driving with the beats really loud.. If it feel.good while I'm spitting and reciting in the car ,it gonna sound good in the studio and the play back always prove me right.

What’s next for you ITZBOIBOI?

I'm going to keep creating content, keep putting my passion into my craft and I want to keep getting better and better. I will be releasing my first ever EP real soon


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