IV's Smooth-Sailing Voice Flows Flawlessly on “Silhouette”

IV released the single titled “Silhouette” and this was most definitely a vibe that you don’t want to miss out on. The entire arrangement of this record was riveting and IV’s voice was truly melodic and charismatically driven. What I loved most about listening to “Silhouette” was how it gave me a classic R&B vibe. The song was driven by smooth and sensual vocal dynamics mixed in with a promising lush and flavorful energy. The lyrics were catchy and complimented the style of the song well. “Silhouette” is the perfect vibe record that can be shared with a special someone. We all have them playlists in our phones where we just reflect on our love life and whose currently fulfilling us at that moment. “Silhouette” is perfect for that collection of music to dedicate to a boo! Not only were the vocals enchanting, but the rap delivery was smooth-sailing and on point. It flowed beautifully with the beat and didn’t add too much aggression or subdue to the delivery which was impressive. IV cadence and metaphors reflect a great amount of skill he has as an artist.

The way he rode the beat to this song while also managing to remain on key while singing and giving us transitional vocals was groundbreaking! “Silhouette” is definitely the R&B song of the year! You can listen to “Silhouette” by IV here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic IV! What was it like growing up and where did you first find your music inspiration?

Thank you for the warm welcome lol growing up wasn’t anything out of the ordinary I come from a good family & was shown all the love I could’ve needed as an only child. My first love was music & coupled with my old soul + countless car rides w/ my family that included everyone from Otis Blackwell to Drake and everybody from every era in between, lead to the sound I’ve developed today.

Talk to us about your record “Silhouette”. What was the major theme surrounding this song?

Silhouette is a story essentially surrounding the phase after a relationship ends where you start to reminisce & miss the person, regardless of the circumstances that lead to the breakup. The story ends on a note of “even if we aren’t together I’ll still have a love for you and be there when you need.” Which is very much the type of person I am, if I ever said “I love you” I meant it.

What inspired you to write “Silhouette”?

Silhouette was a track that wrote itself really, like most of my music it starts with the instrumental, the instrumental is telling the story, all I do is translate & add elements of my life experiences into it to create a sound that’s relatable and authentic.

What was your personal favorite element to “Silhouette” and why?

Easily the 808 glides. When they hit you can almost feel it in your chest. It’s a feeling I’ll never get tired of. 

What’s next for you IV?

Next is the exposure phase, I’ve been off the grid honing my craft to the best of my ability and now I’m finally ready to share it with the world, being a perfectionist means I’m my own worst critic so it was crucial for me to have my sound as close to perfect as I could possibly get it. So stay tuned & expect big things from me in 2020.