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iVANA Wants You To Bounce Back Like A “YO-YO”

Channelling her deepest and most raw emotions through her music, recording artist iVANA returns with the newly released single, "YO-YO." What's unique about the wistful creations of iVANA has to be that her songs reflect significant moments in her life and are manifested through ethereal and dreamlike soundscapes.

Standing especially true with "YO-YO," the textures that surface through a myriad of vocal layers unveil the many sides of iVANA as she professes intimate lyrics like "I feel like I can fly, but I might be too high. I wanna run away to a place where no one knows my name." Through the vulnerable edge that welcomes us into her genuine quintessence, she is a master of contrast by illuminating such an energetic track with authentic and candid wording.

The upbeat and lively ambiance that oozes from this record casts out the ultimate dancescape in this electronic meets contemporary R&B-styled record, as the effervescent instrumentation is playful and cheeky, almost mimicking a pop sound. Providing the musical foundation with a soft yet prevailing cascade of timbres, iVANA makes "YO-YO" a multi-textured, genre-bending bop that's impossible to ignore.

Recruiting the artistic talents of Brodie Harvey to enhance the dynamism that's laced within "YO-YO," the two manage to match each other's energy while bringing a refreshing take to the bubbly dreamscape at hand.

Rich in the emotional seasoning that one another pours out, "YO-YO" is a magnetic representation of the inner findings of iVANA's mind and we love every moment of it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, iVANA! We love the release of your latest single, "YO-YO." With such a contrast of energy from the vocal approach to the instrumentation, what or who inspires your unique sound?

My two biggest influences are Santigold and Lykke Li; I adore them and their music. I'm still trying to figure out what genre best represents my sound, but those two musicians have influenced my taste. Most of my songs are about events in my life (a lot of chaos) and how they have impacted me. So I'd say my surroundings are another factor that influences my sound.

As an artist - how did you find yourself on this creative route to success? At what moment did you know you were meant to create music?

I knew I wanted to build a name for myself since I was young, but I didn't know what medium it would be until 2012. Tumblr shaped who I am today, and the girls that used it at the time are undoubtedly the baddest bitches today. I used to be interested in photography and film, and I would have my friends model for me, but I got bored and turned to sing and poetry. I would wait for my parents and sister to leave the house, and I would blast karaoke and produce beats on my keyboard. It wasn't until my junior year of college that I realized I wanted to pursue my music more seriously and make it a career. I hosted, planned, and played at many DIY basements and venues in the Burlington, Vermont, area - it was a trip. My sound has evolved significantly since then, but I continue to perform and believe that my eclectic stage persona is hypnotic.

Let's get into the inspiration behind "YO-YO." Is there a particular moment or story that this song is based on? How did the collaboration with Brodie Harvey come to be?

A seemingly endless YouTube “type beat” scroll led me to find the producer of this ethereal track. YO-YO heals the wounds of those who have grown distant from their inner child - I'm drawing you back into yourself. That inner child who was never exposed to many prominent platforms populated by people who shared her style and voice. Brodie Harvey is my lovely boyfriend who produces music, sings, and plays several instruments. We met at a rooftop party but didn't connect for a month. I'll never forget the day we walked around Brooklyn and made music in his makeshift bedroom studio. He now has a studio space in Brooklyn with friends, so we spend a lot of time there making music with other artists and each other. He helps me record all of my songs and provides helpful critiques to help me see things in a new light. He's my ride-or-die.

If your audience could take away one message from this song - what would you want it to be?

As someone who struggles with mental illness, it is easy to see the world as dreary and worthless. The sole purpose of this song was to reconnect me and others to their playful side, to let their hair down and smile at the sun. It may seem cliché, but hearing the first few notes of the YO-YO makes me happy, and I hope everyone feels the same way too.

What's next for you?

I’m releasing another single on March 8th called CAN’T. It's a song about feeling suffocated after people continue to disrespect the boundaries I've established. I'm also stoked for my gig with Breaking Sound at the Purgatory in Brooklyn on March 7th.


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