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Ivy Shades Shares Her Southern Flavor in Latest Single, “Photo”

Ivy Shades is breaking records with her latest music, and you have to listen in to see why. As an emerging Hip/Hop artist, Ivy Shades has seen her musical success grow rapidly and it comes as a result of her strategic blend of hard-hitting lyricism with attention-grabbing melodies.

Racking up over half a million views of YouTube thus far, Ivy Shades isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon, as you can expect to hear her flavourful sound much more often.

Ivy Shades has a unique take on Hip/Hop music that she shares within her latest track, “Photo.” With high exploitation of auto-tune, a dynamic and magnetic atmosphere can fester appropriately. The vocals are delivered in a fervent, zealous way that could easily get any heart pumping.

“Photo” displays arousing and idiosyncratic harmonies that expel a quality vibrancy, which is a complete result of Ivy Shades’ colorful persona. Ivy Shades isn’t trying to conform to any style with “Photo” but her own, and this is an element that can easily be heard upon listening to the fiery single. The imagery is flourishing without a doubt, and with such affecting music, listeners may very well find themselves drifting off into an Ivy Shades-induced daydream.

“Photo” leaves us in awe of Ivy Shades’ capricious creativity, which only built more anticipation for whichever musical offering she will release next. Ivy Shades—we’re keeping our listening ears on you.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Ivy Shades. What an interesting approach you took on in your electronically-inspired single, "Photo." What were you hoping to accomplish with your particular vision?

When people watch my videos I want them to see my artistic side extends beyond the typical. I look up to legends like Lil' Kim and Missy Elliott. Just like them, I don't do anything halfway. So, when we came up with the concept, I needed the wild outfits, the dancers and choreography, the lighting, all of that. My team is very happy with the result and we're getting great feedback.

Would you say that "Photo," had an overarching theme that you wanted to communicate to listeners?

Every time I walk up in a club with my crew, The Female Money Team, we turn heads. Cameras start flashing when we walk in with our high heels on and heads high. It's all about female empowerment. I just wanted to recreate that feeling so when fans hear it they feel like they're a star. It's the perfect song for the catwalk, TikTok, and one of my fans is going to win a free pair of Christian Louboutins for coming up with the best video!

As an artist that has gained the attention of various elite music artists, how are you working to use this attention to your advantage?

To tell you the truth, a cosign only goes so far in this business. You still have to put in the work, and that's one thing I will always do. The support of my fans is really what gives me leverage. As long as they keep streaming and watching the videos, and keep coming up with dope TikTok dances for "Photo," then I know it's going to give what it needs to give.

Can your audience expect your future music to be similar in theme and production to "Photo?"

I love pushing the boundaries with my music, so you never know what to expect from Ivy Shades. However, you can expect nothing but fire, I guarantee you that!


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