Ivytheterrible Drops Single “Late Nights” (Prod. Tsurreal)

Ivytheterrible is a young artist who is paving his own path to success at only 17 years old. This dope artist is hailing from Killeen, Texas, but he has no plans of just staying local. The music that he creates is inspired by diverse genres including pop punk, hip hop, rap, r&b, and screamo. Wow, talk about diverse! His journey as an artist started back in 2016 when he found love in producing music. He quickly became proficient at his craft and began singing and rapping shortly after.

Ivytheterrible recently released his single called “Late Nights” (Prod. Tsurreal) and it’s unlike anything that you’ve ever heard before… It’s super unique and packed with real emotion that you can literally feel when you listen to the song. Ivytheterribleknows how to awe his audience with grace and powerful lyrics, which is exactly what he does in “Late Nights”. He starts off the song with saying “I’m glad that I finally came to this conclusion, money is really the roots of all evil”. Shoutout to Ivytheterrible for speaking facts! This track is a major vibe that almost anyone can enjoy. The final product of “Late Nights” is contemporary and everything falls together naturally, making this a true banger. Check out Ivytheterrible today and stay posted for his future releases!

Listen to “Late Nights” here and get to know more about Ivytheterrible below!

Hey Ivytheterrible! Can you tell us a little more about your upbringing and background?

Late Nights theme was  centered around   me having insomnia over a girl I couldn’t get over for 2 years now since march 2017. It was about a girl how was been playing games and playing with My emotions since he was 13 back in summer 2015. Things didn’t really work out and they didn’t get together so he made a song called you n I on his mixtape laugh now cry later that was soon deleted and it amazing with streams on Spotify it’s now sitting at 5.6k streams on Spotify and 10.2k on SoundCloud. Late Nights was a fall up a  follow up a year later on how he’s still fucked up and lost without her.

Did you have a specific vision when creating “Late Nights”? Did it turn out how you’ve hoped?

For the vision of lates I wanted people to feel like they in my shoes and sees before they judge things. I was super scarred not just because of her before I started talking to her again there was a girl named Dani that was my friend that I started catching feelings for who committed suicide. So it still had a effect on me and people wondered why the hell I was still crying over someone for a full year but not telling them about Dani. But more the vision it was telling people why I am who I am without getting to violent like I’m know for. For example people bullying me calling me a faggot nerd standing up and fighting back but getting to impulsive do to my adhd etc.

What is your favorite part about “Late Nights” and why?

My personal favorite part about Late Nights is the sing and the screaming aid-libs. I use to struggle heavy with singing till I took lesson by watching YouTube on how to sing properly. And with the screaming I learn from my friend lilSORA how to use my stomach area to make those growling or screaming noise that I’m heavily influenced from the pop punk scene.

It took me a month to make Late Nights. And it turned out way better than I expected because usually I rush out songs for mixtapes and they end up mediocre. At first it was apose to feature my friend from malaysia named “lil Nuzzi”

But I end up finishing the song because he didn’t know what to do with it and make it so

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose?

For a artist I would love to collab has to be Tyler The Creator. I just love and admire that man without him I wouldn’t have seen that if some that has same mental issues and carry there self and act the way I do and just all out creative like me can make it into the industry then I wouldn’t had been a rapper well artist. I’m just like him in multiple ways. But besides Tyler I would collab with anyone if xxxtentacion was still alive I would’ve collab with him to and Jaden Smith etc.

What can we expect from you next

For what’s next for me is making a reuploaded  mixtape called Remorse River that was originally drop December of last year. But was removed because I thought it was mediocre at its finest lol. 


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