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Iyysiah Released “Unwelcomed In The Black Sheep”

Beginning with a cinematic introduction, sound fx of the night, and a hauntingly charming initiation, Iyysiah knows how to add a nice suspense to his music. Iyysiah released his single titled “Unwelcomed In The Black Sheep”. With lightly dark elements, I was already intrigued by the artist, and captivated by the song. I began listening to the way he was able to deliver a nice, clean-slated, and smooth-sailing vocal tone that sounded a lot relaxed and enjoyable. With a raspy, brittle texture surrounding the voice, we were more than engrossed by this attractive vocal resonance. It bounced like a trampoline off the designerable beat. Its production, alongside the style of Iyysiah, complemented with one another.

I believe Iyysiah would be a groundbreaking artist in today’s generation of rap. He fits right in with the plethroa of hip-hop, yet creates his own sound individual from the rest. Exemplifying hip-hop culture, while remaining authentic is the key to a rapper success, (along with good hits and a personality of course!) Iyysiah seems to have no problem with creating a hit tune. I mean, “Unwelcomed In The Black Sheep” was catchy enough to turn me into a fan! What else could he possibly do?

Listen to “Unwelcomed In The Black Sheep” here and get to know more about Iyysiah below!

Thank you for sharing your music with BuzzMusic! Mind telling us a bit about your upbringing and background Iyysiah?

I was born and raised in the Inland Empire,did a lot of moving around. I didn’t have life handed to me on a silver platter and I had to work to get what I want. Yeah, I’ve gotten into some trouble and had some setbacks but honestly I think that this just makes the message in my music stronger and shows that you don’t have to start from the top to be at the top.

What encouraged you to begin doing music?

What encouraged me to do music is that it relieves my stress and it’s a way for me to express how I’m feeling artistically 

Do you have any musical inspirations? If so who and how have they impacted your writing style and career?

I have 3 music inspirations that include Juice Wrld, Speaker Knockerz, and Dwn2earth. They impacted my writing style and career because of the vibes that they’re songs give off and how the words speak to me & I want my music to impact people like their’s does

Tell us about “Unwelcomed in the Black Sheep” and the meaning behind it?

When I wrote “Unwelcomed” it was mainly the old me and the improved me having a conversation, basically tellin myself about what I do and not letting the negative vibes get to me.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is to keep grinding, be consistent with my work, get my name out there and make it to the Billboard.


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