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Izira Burley's Sophomore Single Confesses "These Feelings"

Floating in from Upstate New York is the haunting new recording artist and singer-songwriter Izira Burley with her sincere sophomore single, "These Feelings."

Since childhood, the young performer and recording artist has kept music close to her heart, writing, singing, and learning her way around instrumentals like the piano and guitar. Izira Burley began using songwriting as a tool to express her deepest emotions, and now, she's inviting her audience to explore life's peaks and valleys through her heartfelt creations.

Alternative music never sounded so sweet than in Izira Burley's sophomore single, "These Feelings," a quality and lush new release that speaks on those debilitating thoughts and emotions that keep us from expressing our true emotions. Burley's lyrics tenderly sing of yearning to open her heart to someone special, but she's realized it's much easier said than done.

Taking a deeper listen to Izira Burley's new single, "These Feelings," we're met with gentle and airy background synths that drift into the foreground alongside Burley's haunting and enchanting vocals. From the get-go, the New York-hailing artist grabs our undivided attention with her magnetic and chilling vocals that will only take her career to new heights.

Aside from her performance's serenity, Burley sings the exhausting message of trying to tell someone how she feels but worrying about feeling like a fool if things don't go as planned. We adore this song's relatability, and paired with the tender and soothing sonics, the entire package truly makes for a cathartic, soulful, yet gripping experience.

Get to know the chilling stylings of Izira Burley through her emotional sophomore single, "These Feelings," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're genuinely enthralled with your sweet-sounding sophomore single, "These Feelings." What experiences inspired you to create a song about facing difficulty expressing your feelings for someone?

Hello, thank you so much! The experience that inspired me to create this song is that I wanted to ask out my crush. I thought about it for days and weeks! It was on my mind every day, and I was nervous to ask him out. I constantly thought about the things I would say to him and how he would react. And then, one day, I made the brave decision to just go for it! I did, and it worked out amazing, and I'm beyond happy that I decided to just ask and have the confidence.

Was it challenging to open your heart and write such vulnerable lyrics for "These Feelings?" Or was this process somewhat therapeutic?

It was actually surprisingly therapeutic. I never realize how therapeutic songwriting is for me until I recognize how much better I feel after writing lyrics. The lyrics perfectly describe all the emotions and thoughts I had in my head frequently and writing this song helped me to ultimately ask my crush out. It was pretty easy for me to write the lyrics.

The production for "These Feelings" is incredibly lush and gentle. Why did you want the song to emit this delicate sonic vibe?

Thank you! I started the melody for this song on my piano as I do with all my songs, and I instantly knew that I wanted to have a dreamy vibe to the song. I want listeners to feel like they are experiencing this dreamy, cute, romantic love story and be able to hear all the loving emotions in the music.

How do your first two singles, "Heartache" and "These Feelings," help us get to know who you are and your music style? What do these two songs have in common?

My first two songs hopefully make it known that I like to write love songs. And that's what both of my songs have in common. They are about love. "Heartache" is a slow, sad, heartbreak song, while "These Feelings" is absolutely different and way more optimistic! I'm still exploring my music style as a new artist, and I love to experiment with different sounds. And I think it is great to try new things with music and create what you really love the most!


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