Izora Returns with Second Single "Midnight"

Izora, is an Alternative Pop-Rock music artist. Born and raised in India, Izora began to develop her growing passion as a singer and songwriter. Through the guidance of her parents, she was introduced to a variety of genres and notes that music has always been a part of her life. Some of her influences include Linken Park, Panic! at the Disco, Billie Eilish, Sasha Sloan, and Eminem. Gaging her future audience while trying to explore her musical style, Izora released her first debut single “Feel Better” in August of this year.

We are happy to announce the brand new release “Midnight” from Izora. As you listen, you will notice the particular raspy and textured vocals from Izora, which is quite captivating right from the very beginning of "Midnight". Izora has a youthful lyrical expression and sound. We love Izora's use of harmony, as it adds an extra level of depth and character to her song. This Alternative/Pop rendition has a somewhat similar vibe to the famously known Billie Eilish, in her single “Bury A Friend”. Izora is able to use this eerie and mystical sound but present it in a lighter fashion. Using feedback from her first debut, Izora shows us another side to her vocal range and we love it here at BuzzMusic.

Listen to "Midnight" here.


Hey Izora, It’s great to have you here with us at BuzzMusic. How did you come up with the stage name Izora and does it have a deeper meaning to your character?

Hey! Happy to be here! Well, the main reason behind having a stage name was to have a name everyone around the world could pronounce.. Cause the harder it is to pronounce a name the fewer people talk about it. But it grew on me Izora is a part of me now n I'm very proud who she's become!  What was the feedback you learned from your first single and how did you apply it to “Midnight”? I learned ALOT actually. I understood the power/influence of social media and even if the numbers were low I still had people from all over the world listening to this song I made in my room and with amazing producers! I learned a little about marketing as well since I have to do all of it myself which is fun and I'm still learning What is the message you are trying to portray in "Midnight"? Midnight is a state of mind. It talks about the "dark side" Everyone has inside them.. It's deep inside them and they start loving it more than they should. I talk about that side of mine in third person because sometimes I become a totally different person when I'm sad or anxious and I don't like that person. We love the raspy texture and eerie sounds to “Midnight”. Was this influenced by any particular Billie Eilish song? Haha, thank you soo much! It's not directly inspired by any of her songs but I listen to her a lot and that for sure has influenced me! She is just someone who has shattered all these stereotypes of having the perfect body and she's a mainstream "pop artist" without her songs even being pop and she's very out there, I think that is why we love her soo much. This song is however influenced by her and Sasha Sloan! Thanks for being with us Izora. We are excited to hear what your next steps are as an artist. What does the future hold? I'm releasing an EP early/mid next year hopefully! Very excited about that. Planning a trip to LA and one of my BIGGEST goals is to be on tour at least by early 2021 I hope I'm able to achieve that! Thanks for having me. This was great!