Izova and Raj Will's New Ep Shockwave Show What Hard Work and Dedication Is Made Of

The collaborative duo of Izova and Raj will have come together in less than a month to create a soulful EP titled “Shockwave”. With a combination of over five years of experience as not only artists but also indie artist-entrepreneurs, the two engineered a track that truly represents heart and ambition for their craft. From Watts, California, Izova gains inspiration from his environment to express his views and experience through his music. Izova, The Khemist, has fashioned a new ‘shock’ to the current state of Hip-Hop to which he calls “The Fix”. Izova defines this as “a determination of where and what your vision is, creating the life to lead to it”. A better sense of fixed living. He channels struggle and advisterity as a fuel to create amazing work and take the industry by storm.

“Shockwave” exemplifies the individuality and hustle of these Los Angeles natives to produce a tasteful Hip-Hop original. Beginning, with a funky swaying beat you can envision in any local club. These rappers use meaningful lyrics to take a simple concept we can all relate to. Work hard to be successful and “don’t beg for help”. If you want to “make a billion” you have to “grind it out every day” and see how these results will pan out. Both lyrically talented with moving words. Listen to "Shockwave" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic. Thank you both for coming together to put forth this shocking Hip-Hop track. Can you tell us what inspired you two to work together? Most definitely, thanks for allowing us to share. I think the inspiration happened without us even realizing it. Shockwave was an idea left unfinished. I sent it to Izova and he had a great verse to put with it then it dawned upon us to create a whole project as a way to show not only ourselves but the culture around us that were a force to be messed with.

In the lyrics, you mention how people might prejudge you. Do these lyrics draw on a specific personal experience? Raj Will: Being artists and entrepreneurs we often might get placed inside of a box so what we're saying is don't put a limit of what we're capable of accomplishing in this entertainment industry.

Izova- most if not all if my music is personal. So for me I put my life into that verse -Shockwave.

Can you explain how “Shockwave” may be similar or different from your other works? Raj Will- Prior to the Shockwave EP I released singles after a 4 year hiatus from my artistry as I embarked on a journey of rediscovering myself through audio and music production.

Izova- our solo music is dope but the joint music is a dose we created together to create one joint sound.

Who is your biggest inspiration when creating your lyrics? Any particular artists that have shaped with work? Raj Will- No artists, in particular, inspires my lyrics however I do admire the writings of Kendrick, Andre 3 Stacks, Will Smith and Pac

Izova- Same here more so inspired by my personal experiences and the legacies that have been left behind for us to follow.

What does the future bring for Izova? Any upcoming tours? Raj Will-Keep going beyond as a sound artist.

Izova-creating a larger fan base and bigger buzz we are hungry.