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Jäjé Drenches Us In Desire With Her Latest Spoken-Word Piece, "333in"

From Trinidad to Toronto, singer-songwriter, poet, dancer, and actor Jäjé releases a hot and heavy spoken-word rap with her single, "333in" off her latest EP, 'Brunch Erotica.'

The multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist never fails to wow her audience, whether she's dancing, acting, singing, or delivering her spicy poems. She's had the pleasure of performing at top-notch Toronto venues like the Mod Club, El Mocambo, and the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Jäjé recently released her debut poetry EP, 'Brunch Erotica,' on all digital streaming platforms.

The EP showcases Jäjé's lyrical dexterity and ability to place listeners in the middle of her descriptive scenes. Without the need for instrumentals, Jäjés delvers her powerful words while bringing us to our knees. The outro track of the EP, "333in," offers one of the most desirous and lustful listening experiences we've heard this year.

Taking a listen to "333in," the piece takes off Jäjé's sultry and powerful vocal tones that spill a heated spoken-word rap while describing scenes of rolling up her weed and keeping her vibes at a high. Without hesitating, she jumps into incredibly sexual and spicy scenes that bless our ears with erotic energy that's equally as intriguing as it is irresistible.

We love the anticipation and passion that Jäjé brings to her vocal delivery, especially as she describes the intimate scenes of getting down and dirty with someone special. A few "oo's" and "awe's" roam the background and emphasize the sexual and fiery atmosphere. As Jäjé expands in energy and lust, she closes the piece with a soft whisper while sending chills down our spines in a hurry.

Satisfy your inner cravings with Jäjé's delicious single, "333in," and find the rest of her poetry EP 'Brunch Erotica' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jäjé. You've truly stopped us dead in our tracks with your hot and heavy spoken-word piece, "333in." What inspired you to create such an erotic and sexual poem like this?

“333in” is definitely very bold, which is why it’s hands down my favorite track on the entire project! Believe it or not, '333in' is actually a mashup of two different poems. The first poem, entitled ‘fuel’, is featured in the first 32 seconds of the track. It was inspired by an undeniably potent sexual synergy I shared with someone with whom I couldn’t explore that. My solution was to write about what it would be like if I could! The latter half of the track is a poem entitled ‘straddling’, which was inspired by an encounter so surreal that I simply had to capture it in a poem!

How does this sexual and lustful theme play out throughout your EP 'Brunch Erotica?’ Which tracks emphasize this theme the most?

Prior to when I began curating ‘Brunch Erotica Audio’, I had already pinpointed that the project’s focal point was sex explored from a sensus/visceral lens. As such, I was very adamant in ensuring that each piece, in its own way, candidly dove into these themes. Each track within the project serves as an audible illustration of different types of sexual encounters, so it’s kind of hard to single out which tracks emphasize these themes most since they all do! I will say though, in terms of raunchiness I think ‘You Love It’, ‘Lace N’ No Cure’ & ‘333in’ definitely take the cake!

What was your lyric or poetic writing process like for ‘333in?’ Is it easy for you to mentally place yourself in those scenes and describe what you're feeling?

The overall process for writing ‘333in’ was an interesting one! As I mentioned before, ‘333in’ is a mash-up of two poems entitled ‘fuel’ and ‘straddling’. I first wrote ‘straddling’ at the beginning of 2019, but as I wrote it I was severely unsatisfied. I wanted it to be something greater but I couldn’t figure out what was missing. I spent about two weeks writing, rewriting, and tinkering around with it until finally, I realized that it needed a rhythm! Once I added the snapping and restructured it, ‘straddling’ came together really nicely as a piece! Two years later at the beginning of 2021, I wrote ‘fuel’ in about a day, as a means to release the tension I previously mentioned. Initially, I had set out to write it in poetic prose, sans any particular rhythm or beat, but I ended up writing it with a rap-like cadence. Nevertheless, I was really happy with it so I left it as is, resolving to use it at the start of a rap verse once I found a good beat. It wasn’t until I started putting ‘Brunch Erotica Audio’ together that I realized ‘fuel’ encapsulated similar energy and, to my surprise, a similar rhythmic flow to ‘straddling’. Once I saw the synergy between the two pieces, putting them together was a no-brainer at that point! It’s hard to say whether it’s easy for me to immerse myself within my experiences because it's more or less innate. Not to mention, imaginably, being able to do so comes with its perks but also its regulations. What I can say is that most of the time when I begin to write an erotic piece my mind is already in the gutter! Generally, I tend to let my emotions dictate my writing, it’s an extraordinarily simple yet complex process!

Would you say that descriptive erotica and sexual approaches are a staple for you and your creations? Do you usually delve into such passionate themes like this?

I’m hesitant to say that these are staples within my work, however, I’d be a liar if I completely said no! Erotic prose is certainly a reoccurrence that presents itself in my work from time to time. With that being said, I also create tons of work that revolves around living within this human consciousness, that has nothing to do with sex! As an artist, I strive to create pieces & projects that share my truth while also often being infused with a message. Sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes it’s not, but it’s always a vibe!

What's next for you?

Currently, I’m working on my next ep entitled ‘commonOccurance’, which is a collection of pieces that delve into the perils of life and the lessons they bring. I’m really excited about this project since it showcases a more introspective side to my artistry while allowing me to flex my skills as a vocalist/musician which is always fun! Plus, not only has it been nearly over two years in the making, but it's thematically very different from 'Brunch Erotica Audio'. I'm excited to showcase a side of Jäjé that only those who've seen me perform live to get to normally see! It's definitely going to be one for the books, so stay tuned for its release!


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