J. Custodio Recruits Cully Seville for the Intoxicating Release of Latest Single, “Malibu”

Embodying good people and great memories, artist J. Custodio wants us all to remember the importance of savoring every moment in front of us, especially during times of uncertainty with the passion exuded in his latest single, “Malibu,” featuring Cully Seville. Being inspired musically from an early age, J. Custodio’s father had a role to play in helping him get established as an artist. As he has musically inclined himself, his talents on the guitar and piano rubbed off on J. Custodio and have made him the up and coming artist he is today.

With a variety of inspiration from influences such as XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, and Travis Scott, Custodio has us all feeling warm and nostalgic while implementing that the right person by your side makes all the seconds count.

“Malibu” begins with the intoxicating resonance of J. Custodio’s vocals gracing our ears. The dynamic duo on this record, mash-up for a smooth yet up-tempo ballad that J. Custodio and Seville have us all collapsing over for with the combination of rapping and singing. The sultry and provocative hook with J. Custodio singing sweet melodies to all of us listening enhances the listening experience by making us reminisce at different times.

The heartfelt and sparkling elements that “Malibu” holds complements the lyricism and rhyme schemes from each artist. Each component brought together continues to add a new essence before closing off this story and making sure all of our emotions are touched, thinking of that special someone.

A certain zest added to this arrangement brings the heat we need, and we have decided that more collaborations from J. Custodio and Cully Seville are in order.