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Upcoming Hip Hop Artist J Doses Releases "Manic Martian"

J Doses is an up and coming Canadian hip hop artist from Calgary, Alberta. He has been writing music for the past 5 years, always with a passion to create music through his own thoughts, life experiences and struggles. Some of his influences include Eminem, Mac Miller, 50 Cent and Kanye West to name just a few. His goal is to allow other people to relate to his music the way he was able to relate to his artistic influences growing up. J Doses is a passionate young artist that is chasing his dream with a true sense of purpose.

Manic Martian” is a fresh new single by Canadian artist J Doses. This single gets going immediately, with the verse lyrics setting a tone of intensity. The lyrics themselves have an undeniable rhythmic quality, and oscillate between a quick punchy intensity and a slower swaggering quality. The beat and synthesizers set quite a dark and menacing tone which perfectly complements the lyrics. Some of the themes touched on in the lyrics of this song include confidence, the pursuit of success and overcoming obstacles, but always with a seeming lightheartedness and humor. “Manic Martian” is an impressive offering by a young artist, and we highly recommend you check it out today!

Listen to "Manic Martian" here and get to know more about J Doses below!

Hey, thanks for catching up with us! First of all, would you describe your background and how you first became involved with music?

Growing up i struggled with many things like school,social life and my mental health. My attendance at school wasn't very good feeling like it never was for me and didn't fit in with the social groups which created a lot of anxiety/depression for myself which caused me to become quite introverted for a long time, music has always been a huge part of my life always admiring the passion,drive and message the artists/rappers were trying to create, there's many artists music that have gotten me thru some dark places being able to connect to there music, realizing I'm not alone we all struggle and its how we choose to deal with those demons. I always felt like i had no purpose and i was floating thru life with no dreams till i realized music was my dream and passion and with practice,hard work and the vision i have for myself i truly can achieve it and create amazing music thru voicing my own struggles & demons for others to relate just like i did to the music i choose to listen to growing up. This music is my identity now like it always have been its shaped me as a person and has given me purpose in life to chase the dream i love and create my own light. I now can't wait for the life ahead of me pursuing this music endlessly and forever creating

Have you always lived in Calgary? How would you describe the overall music scene there?

I grew up in small town's in British Columbia as a kid till moving to Calgary at the age of 13,

Adapting to the fast pace city atmosphere was hard at first but I've managed to find the calm in the storm within my music family and friends. The music scene is Calgary is constantly growing I'm still quite new within being apart of it but its been on the raise for quite sometime now always having local shows plus more and more know artists are coming to town giving more motivating for the locals to keep pushing for that dream, I'm glad i can be apart of such an supportive growing music community.

What is your writing process like? How does all your music come together?

I started writing music/poetry for therapeutic reasons i was never good at being able to catch my thoughts and write them down so thru creating music i was able to finally have something that i could focus on and helped me vent my struggles n demons into music. Writing music is like a puzzle to me, Piecing thoughts/rhymes together either in my head,on paper or in my cell phone, i use my raw emotions to create concepts or a feeling thru each line i write, my music has a message if you listen deep enough otherwise its up for interpretation for anyone to create there own thoughts of my views,struggles and opinions.

Who do you think are your biggest artistic influences?

Honestly i have so many that not all of them come to my head at once but i grew up listening to anywhere from eminem,d12, Dr Dre ,50 cent, classified, mac miller, limp bizket, wu tang clan, n.w.a, Jay Z and many many more.

What can we hope to see from you in the near future?

I'm constantly creating and pushing myself to improve daily so lots more to come from me this is just the start, i will be doing monthly release on all platforms till i lead up to an EP that will come out this summer, plus i will be doing as many live shows as possible in my city of Calgary to improve my performance & confidences on stage.


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