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J. Harris Is The Next Upcoming RnB King! "Dying Breed"

J. Harris is a singer/songwriter from North Carolina whose making his own way and sound into the music industry. He’s no stranger to entertaining crowds and started out at the early age of 8. As he grew older, he began modeling himself after his influences which included legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Ne-yo, and many more. With a strong passion dedicated to creating music, he began writing and recording songs all while crafting his own style.

We took a listen to “Come Thru” from J. Harris latest album, “Last of a dying breed.” In the upcoming summer season, this song is perfect to catch a vibe to! Just like the popular summer break, everything about “Come Thru” was vibrant, bold, and colorful. “Come Thru” just radiated joyful energy through its listeners and you’re instantly creating images of pool parties, swimwear, attractive crushes everywhere and good music! “Come Thru” would be the most fitting radio hit that we won’t get tired of hearing this summer. The RnB hit delivered playful and charismatic energy. After hearing this impressive single we just had to listen to more! We completely absorbed “Dying Breed” which seemed to be the leading song off the album. I mean the title of the record is reflective of the title of the album so we instantly garnered the idea of what the entire theme of “Last of a dying breed” was presenting. “Dying breed” has to be added to my personal playlist because I could most definitely see myself playing this song in my car and cruising down sunny California with the breeze flowing in and out the windows. It had this whimsical cocky nature to the song which was attractive and appealing to the artistry of J. Harris.

While absorbing the ideas behind great entertainers, he's always placed his own personality in all that he does. With his writing skills, unique sound and superior talent, J-Harris looks to become one of the driving forces in the industry and heads toward the legendary stature comparable to those that have influenced him. And with songs like “Come Thru” “Dying Breed” and “The Wave” off this magnetic album, we can see he is on his way!

Listen to "Dying Breed" here and get to know more about J. Harris below!

Out of all your influences, who do you think you cater your style to the most and why?

I would say probably Michael Jackson overall but also NeYo as well. I've listened to so much of their music over the years and still do for inspiration to this day. I believe if you pattern yourself after greatness you'll achieve the same in your own path or career. So for me, these two and are the biggest influences and and who have influenced my style the most. They have timeless music and that's the impact I wanna leave as well.

Tell us about your album “Last of a dying breed” and the themes this project reflect?

It's hard to really say the album had a theme to it because I didn't really have a true theme or direction while writing and recording. I was just in a great place and mindset and wrote some dope records that ended up turning into what's now "Last Of A Dying Dying Breed." I can say that I definitely wanted to show versatility and give a bit of variety which I think I accomplished. So I'm happy with it and it seems all the listeners are too.

How does “Come Thru” fit into the plethora of songs off “Last of a dying breed” ?

"Come Thru" fits because it's just a feel good song like the rest of the album. I enjoy music that makes me feel good and that's also the type of music I strive to make. "Come Thru" like the other songs are their to set the tone or vibe of whatever you're doing, wherever you're at, etc...As soon as it comes on, you're just like "Ayeee..thats my joint right there!" Lol

In your personal opinion, which song is your favorite from “Last of a dying breed” and why?

My favorite song on the album is "The Wave". I'm a huge fan of old school music and the past era's greats. That song can bridge all ages together whether you're from this generation or from any of the previous generations that were raised on soul and classic rhythm and blues. I remember being a kid and hearing my mom and dad still go crazy and turn up the volume on records from The Isley Brothers, The O'Jays, Marvin Gaye and whoever made music back in those era that still plays today. "The Wave" just reminds me of a modern day Motown Sound and that was a sound that was infectious back then, still very influential and will be for generations to come. I'm looking forward to making more records like it.

What’s next for you?

I'm in the studio working on new material as we speak. The team and I also are working on me being able to perform some of everywhere soon. Spring is finally here and summer will be here before you know it and the best festivals music has to offer are coming up. I wanna perform in every one of them I can and just grab more listeners, more streams and build the fan base as huge as possible. The goal is to make my name, music and brand known in every household across the world I will not stop until we've accomplished that and some!


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