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J Kent Makes You Say, "WooWap"

Hailing from Sacramento, CA J Kent reigns supreme as a recording artist and songwriter navigating through the new age. Utilizing captivating timbres to provide intoxicating melodies J Kent ensures that listeners are on his hook as he raps with dynamic creativity.

Adopting a mentality that provides limitless opportunities, J Kent shows no signs of letting his foot off the gas. Enlisting the artistic techniques of lyricist NusheSpitz, J Kent brings forth a cadenced atmosphere in his latest single, “WooWap.”

Immediately boosting your energy in the direction of up and out of the seat you’re in, the upbeat intensity portrays an elevating realm in which you get lost in the syncopated pulses of the instrumentation. J Kent exudes a sensual vocalization that has you falling into his inviting embrace.

The manner in which his smooth timbres glide across the musical components as Crisco oil leaves us abundantly riveted in the cascading outburst of witty quips, and charismatic tenors. The buoyant juxtaposition utilized by J Kent transports us to the vivid imagery he seamlessly conveys in the lyrical depth explored.

Using a variety of metaphors and dipping into a bag of tricks heavy on the wordplay, his undeniable croons leave us lured in for more. Accompanying his sultry dimensions with the lyrical finesse of heavy-hitting emcee NusheSpitz, there’s such an exclusive dynamic explored in the entirety of “WooWap.” Although vastly different from one another, their artistic styles amalgamate in a sonic voyage that we’re eager to embark on.

Incorporating his undeniable flair, the effervescent persona of J Kent shines brightly in “WooWap.” Encouraging us to click replay and learn each word carefully, we’re excited to sing along to the essence of J Kent that is fully embodied in his latest single.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, J Kent, and congratulations on your latest release of “WooWap.” We love the collaboration between you and NusheSpitz. You truly bring together two different worlds in the realm of Hip-hop and R&B. How did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another to achieve the desired sound of “WooWap?"

This was definitely one of my favorite collaborations, The studio session was a whole vibe it was vibrant with all the energy when with everyone in the room. Listening to the record as it was being mixed we knew we had a hit and we needed to get the song out to the people as soon as possible.

What’s the music scene like in Sacramento, CA? Do you find that it influences the sound you have as an artist?

The music scene in Sacramento is very different the culture is different, it’s a lot of artists that are the bigger and more famous artists out here that sound the same or create music that sounds basically the same as the next artist, although there is a handful of Artists that do have a great sound and have standout music as well it’s just, out here so people are mainly used to hearing a certain style of sound. I definitely wouldn’t say that I sound like anyone out here in my city, but that’s a good thing I feel like I’m so different as an Artist that allows me to stand out entirely from everyone else, with how I can sing and do my melodies and also be diverse and add Rap as well. If an average consumer heard me I feel like they would picture me more of an Artist that would come out of LA or somewhere else in California, I’m glad I can be the voice in Sacramento to be in my own lane and not sound like anybody else.

What moment or story brought forth your inspiration of “WooWap?" What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this song?

The inspiration behind this Record is that My producer Money gang on the track came to me and Told me Randomly to Make a song with the name Woowap so I got in my bag and created a Catchy and simple hook that would be able to catch ears all across the World and so far it’s doing exactly just that. The other crazy part about it is the bridge I made In the song was really the fan-favorite everyone really loves it. I’m hoping that my audience can really take Nothing but true positivity away from this record, when you think Woowap, I want you to think “A Whole Vibe” I want my audience to know that Woowap can be used for anything you can literally create your own Woowap when listening and becoming a fan of this record, this is a song I made for the world, to bring happiness and positivity and all-around enjoyment.

There’s a music video component that fans can indulge themselves in as well! Could you please take us into the concept behind the visuals?

We wanted the video to be fun, we wanted it to be interactive and we wanted there to be dancing all throughout the video, that’s exactly what we made possible.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I want everyone to know that I am an artist here to stay, I feel like my sound and my style is a breath of fresh air and everyone that seems to listen and discover me ends really relating to my lyrics and loving my voice. I want to continue to inspire the younger generation and anyone that has a dream and has the ambition and drive to pursue it and not let anyone or anything get in the way. I definitely create music about love and heartbreak with more emotional and deep thought types of vibes. But I promise my sound is diverse and throughout the rest of my career, I am going to continue to give different styles and sounds to tell the true story behind J Kent as an artist and as a person. I am just getting started Woowap was my introduction of myself and my debut single to the music business, I have so much more on the way I cannot wait to show the world!

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