J-LeScientific Brings The Energy And Motivation With “Push”

Talented Haitian-Canadian artist J-LeScientific is from Montreal’s hottest spots. He atarted rapping and writing at the age of 10, reflecting the hard reality he was living in. As he was really connected to the culture, he was doing graffiti, beat boxing, and rapping since he was young to escape from the harsh and dangerous life. Hip-hop music allowed J to fully embrace his creativity, and equally helped him explore himself and develop himself as a person. J has a passion for creating music, and also has a passion for dancing that extends to multiple genres. He feels strongly about the injustices of police brutality and corruption, and the systemic injustices that plague the black community in the modern day. Although he feels this way, his music reflects a more positive side. 

The vocals shine brightly throughout “Push”, always presenting J-LeScientific with a clear sense of identity, as well as unquestionable skills performance-wise. You get to enjoy the warm and uplifting embrace of the soundscape that works hard to light up the room. What makes this release all the more effective is the way the whole thing utilizes contrast structurally to let each section hit with impact. There are numerous stops and starts, moments in which the weight of the music falls away almost completely, laying bare J-LeScientific’s inspiring words to smash back on to the scene with absolute precision and skill. This gives “Push” an addictive level of character and energy. You get into it, you’re involved, and the journey continues to weave and change as you witness the passion of the story-line and that soulful melody pouring through it. A more than worthy release, “Push” is well worth a spin at max volume.

Listen to “Push” here and read more with J-LeScientific below! 

Hey J-LeScientific! Welcome to BuzzMusic. How do you think your upbringing shaped you as a well-rounded artist?

'I have learned to embrace the good and the bad, therefore as an artist i always try to find the in-between, because this means things have been balanced'

What do you do to feed your passion for music daily?

'Well I write when ever I have time to, write down what's on my mind.

What does “Push” mean to you? How do you want your listeners to feel when they hear it?

Push means everything, you gotta move past to future and keep on trying your best. I want people to feel like courage from within them and motivation to move forward and fight on

How does this track “Push” compare to one of your earliest tracks? How have you improved/evolved as an artist?

Message is more clear and there is more energy from me. Since this track i'm more open to try other sides of my self that i thought wouldn't have been good

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?  

Honestly, i would of choose Jay Rock, because we have the same perceptions when it comes to the streets and because he's style and he's passive agressivity  would of perfectly fit the way i strangle the beat. A great collab


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