J-LEW Delivers Substantial Lyrics in “Chase Dreamz to Forget”

This seasoned artist released his single titled “Chase Dreamz To Forget" produced by KOTA THE FRIEND. This song was a relaxing display of pure creative artistry and strong lyricism. “Chase Dreamz To Forget” begins with a dream-like melodic introduction that eventually served as the root of the song. This mellifluous instrumental was perfect at complementing J-LEW’s soft-sounding resonance in the hook. His flow was immaculate and we were able to enjoy his lyricality. The way the lyrics discussed various themes of positivity, chasing your goals and dreams, and ignoring negative outside factors was motivating. “Chase Dreamz To Forget” caters to a vast audience of listeners. The soothing vibe to this single was serene enough to appeal to the lo-fi lovers of hip-hop but lyrical enough to translate well towards the tough rap critics.

“Chase Dreamz To Forget” was a well-rounded single that can move you into a higher dimension and elevation. J-LEW has a unique delivery that’s personalized to him which helps him stand out from the rest. If we heard J-LEW’s voice, later on, he will be easily distinguishable due to the atypical tone. “Chase Dreamz To Forget” was a great offering from a rising star who has the sound alongside the songwriting ability to project substantial songs with mesmerizing elements.

Listen to “Chase Dreamz To Forget” by J-LEW here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic J-LEW! Talk to us about your stage name. What’s the story behind “J-LEW”?

The story behind my stage name is just that my first name is Jacob and the middle name is Louis and I spelled it like that because I thought it was different. 

What has it been like growing up in Tacoma? How has it helped to shape your career in the music industry?

Growing up in Tacoma has been very rocky. It's not the most musical place but still like Seattle everyone shows love. Tacoma is a beautiful city and I got my little fanbase here and wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Tacoma has given me different influences on my music. And through a lot of mentors and meeting the right people. I've been able to start my career here and have some shows and get my name out there. 

We really enjoyed your single “Chase Dreams To Forget”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

My inspiration for this song is when I was listening to the beat that kota the friend made.  I came up with the hook and just wrote this whole song in a short time. All the words just flowed out and I wanted to make a song people could vibe with and apply the lyrics and chorus to their own lives. 

What inspired you to write this single? 

What I'm doing in this new year is having a huge show in spring and starting a vlog series called the "lew show" and I'm shooting a lot of music videos over the year. 

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

I love performing, having shows and just being on the stage and being able to control a crowd with you're hands is amazing. I love having people chant my name. I literally dream about having shows with Jaden smith or Jcole.  This is what I want to do with my life. I'm ready to tour the world. 

You will see everything out of me, my debut album "growing pains" will be coming out and I already have video shoots lined up and just having shows. Its gonna be a great year.