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J.Lvndr Is Hopelessly "Stuck" In Love

Soaring in from Chicago, Illinois, singer-songwriter and lush r&b recording artist J.Lvndr blesses listeners with her sincere and emotional new single, "Stuck."

The 20-year-old recording artist garners the attention of new era r&b listeners through her broad artistry and versatility. The Chi-town-based artist has been making her mark around the music scene through performances and interviews on My Radio Chicago, Mainstream Radio, Fusion radio, and 106.3 Soul FM.

All of J.Lvndr's songs carry such depth and personal meaning, and listeners can get to know the essence of her lyrical mastery through her recent single, "Stuck." The song is an anthem for confusion in a turbulent relationship, still loving someone who put you through hell and back, but J.Lvndr peels back every emotional layer to expose her vulnerable and devoted passion with the utmost poise and soul.

Expanding on "Stuck," the song opens with a dreamy and reverbed electric guitar melody that takes us into the chilling first verse with slow, punchy kicks and tight hi-hats and snares to up the modern r&b atmosphere. Listening to J.Lvndr's lyrics, she touches on feeling "Stuck" thinking of someone who she doesn't want to be with, but love seems to have gotten the best of that situation.

J.Lvndr's rhythmic and groovy vocal delivery perfectly ups the song's passionate and soulful vibe, all while that sweet electric guitar melody continues raining down from above and sonically serenading us into bliss. While J.Lvndr takes us to the outro and reminds someone of her endless love for them, the song closes on this gentle, reflective, and genuine note.

Feeling "Stuck?" Find your way out with J.Lvndr's latest serene single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, J.Lvndr. We're very impressed with the depth and honesty you've brought to your recent single, "Stuck." What experiences compelled and inspired you to create this genuine piece?

At the time that I wrote the song, I truly felt "Stuck" emotionally. I wanted total about the part of heartbreak that rarely anyone admits to. Sometimes when you love someone or are even in love with them, that feeling doesn't disappear as soon as you want it to. There were times when I reconsidered the decision I made to separate myself from that person. I thought that I would never get over them, and I decided to express that the best way I knew how. My music helped me get over my heartbreak, I just had to write about every aspect of it to better understand myself.

Did you work with any producers to help find the sonic vibe for "Stuck?" What was that creative process like?

So I worked with a dope producer by the name of Niko at Enviyon Studios in Illinois. He really just let me use the space to let my own creativity shine. When I wrote the song, there were tears in my eyes. I didn't touch the song again until this past December. So as I'm preparing to record it, I had to tap back into a very emotional state. I couldn't be vocally technical or harsh on myself with how it sounded. In order for it to be authentic, I had to embrace those emotions and ended up making a really heartfelt song with Niko.

Your lyrics in "Stuck" are incredibly vulnerable and gripping. How long did it take you to transform those honest and passionate thoughts into cohesive lyrics?

Honestly, it took about an hour. As I said, there were tears in my eyes. I had experienced my first real heartbreak, even shared it with my mom and Grandma which is rare because I have a good handle on my emotions. But this particular situation was bigger than just a heartbreak, it was a loss. It was everything that I said in "Stuck". I did give my all to them. I cried for so long and never wanted to say anything. I was stuck thinking of this person who hurt me. I don't want to admit that I still love this person. Those were all the things that I felt for months, and the only way to really let go of that pain was through music.

Biz Magazine recently named you one of Chicago's Rising Artists. Why do you think your career has been so successful in such a short period of time? What sets you apart from other blossoming r&b artists?

I think my success has come from the support of my own people. I have very supportive friends and families that always share my music in some way. I even spent time reaching out to multiple stations and Radio personalities to even get feedback let alone radio play. The opportunities I've had so far could not have been as progressive if those people did not genuinely support me. Different local stations like My Radio Chicago, 106.3, and Fusion Radio have contributed a great deal to my success. They've connected me to everyone they knew at other stations and that's actually how I became featured in Biz Magazine. What sets me apart from other r&b artists is my motivation. I'm currently in school for Elementary Education, and I work at an elementary school as a Teacher's Assistant. I also started a poetry club at my job to help students express themselves through poetry. I strongly believe that my purpose in life was to inspire children in different creative forms. My students see me push myself to be successful in all areas of my life. I want to be a major influence on their creativity, and I have to set the example first. My music is as powerful as it is because I always do it for my students. It's an emotional release for me, but a major accomplishment for my kids. I don't want to be famous, rich, or anything else associated with being an artist. I aspire to inspire, and my dedication to my students and my music is reflective of that.

What can listers anticipate to hear next from you?

Currently, I'm releasing a song every month and I just came out with my new song "Red Flags" which is out on ALL streaming platforms. I'll release something new each month, so make sure you're on the lookout!

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